Naramachi Koshino Ie

Attraction 44 Gangojicho, Nara 630-8332, Nara Prefecture Published on: 29-06-2016

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Naramachi (奈良町, literally "Nara Town") is the former merchant district of Nara, where several traditional residential buildings and warehouses are preserved and open to the public.

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Why Naramachi Koshino Ie is special ?

Many of Naramachi's buildings in the Edo Period and earlier were machiya, long, narrow "townhouses" that served both as shops and as the living quarters of the local merchants. The store fronts of machiya were often kept narrow in order to save on taxes, which used to be calculated on a property's street access rather than its total area. Today, a handful of machiya have been preserved made open to the public as museums.

Before its development into a merchant district around the 15th century, the area that is Naramachi today used to be occupied almost entirely by the once-spacious grounds of Gangoji Temple. Gangoji was one of Japan's most important temples during the Nara Period and has been registered as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Though once a sprawling complex, today, only a couple of temple buildings remain.


How to get to Naramachi Koshino Ie?

Naramachi is located about a 10-15 minute walk to the south of Kintetsu Nara Station. From JR Nara Station, it is about a 20 minute walk to the southeast. Loop bus numbers 5 and 6 serve Kintetsu Nara Station, JR Nara Station and Naramachi.


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  • Samurai Era
  • The old city-a wonderful wander
  • Charming Glimpse Into The Past
  • Good for girls
  • Famous for its love cafes
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44 Gangojicho, Nara 630-8332, Nara Prefecture

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Tips for you

  • There is even a beautiful zen garden at the back of the house with a small water feature.
    Things to do
  • Visiting to the lattice house is free and at the counter you can get an English brochure describing the place.
  • There are nice restaurants, shops selling confectionery and a local radio station there.
  • You can find a few of the preserved machiya open to the public.
    What to see


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Even though Nara is a compact city, as opposed to Kyoto. Taking time, as we did, is an added bonus to capture the essence of this city. My husband and I spent a week in Nara and enjoyed every bit of it. Sure, one can do a superficial tour of this ancient city. However, it is in exploring it's underskirts which makes it more intriguing. Go to the "Old Town" and spend some time exploring the shrines and hidden treasures Have some wonderful meals in a large selection of restaurants featuring regional cuisine. Slow down and appreciate the graciousness of the people. Also, certainly see the deer and temples..............

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