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Attraction Nam Du Island, Kien Giang, Vietnam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Nam Du Archipelago, around 40 kilometers away from Phu Quoc Island, is becoming an attractive destination for backpackers heading to the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang.

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Why Nam Du Island is special ?

Nam Du Archipelago, around 40 kilometers away from Phu Quoc Island, is becoming an attractive destination for backpackers heading to the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang. The immense blue sea and sky, imposing mountains erupting amidst the ocean, endless evergreen primeval forests, long stunning beaches and splendid rock cliffs of Nam Du Archipelago in Kien Giang Province have seen it compared to the ‘new wonder of the world’ that is Halong Bay in Quang Ninh Province.

The archipelago stretches over two communes of An Son and Nam Du with a population of 10,000 people working in fishing and sea-related services. Formed from a volcano, it has numerous six-meter creeks which are advantageous for transportation. As it is endowed with high mountains, Nam Du also is suggested as a great spot for offshore fishermen to flee rough storms.


What to explore at Nam Du Island?

Nam Du is the most remote island area of Kien Hai District (Kien Giang), consisting of 21 wild islands. Cu Tron Island is the first stop on the boat from Rach Gia and the largest island. There tourists can visit many sites such as Ngu Wharf, Ngu Well, Chet, Gieng and Co beaches. From the dock, a three kilometer paved road leads up into the hills, ending at a 300-meter peak that provides a panoramic view of the archipelago. There are fishing villages on the east and west sides of the island and at night a lighthouse illuminates the sea.

A must-see location is Dau Islet which is 95 percent forest and also boasts shady, picturesque coconut gardens. Tourists should also take a boat trip around the whole archipelago, cruising along Nom Ngoai, Dam, Hang, Moc, and Tre islands’ beautiful rocky beaches.

Visitors can go to Ngang Islet to rent rooms for an overnight stay. There are no real hotels on the islands, just some local homes that residents have opened up as guesthouses.


How to get to Nam Du Island?

- You can take a bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Rach Gia (Kien Giang). A two-way ticket costs VND300,000-350,000. It takes around 5-6 hours to get to Rach Soi Bus Station in Kien Giang.

- From the Rach Soi Station, take a xe om (motorbike taxi) for around VND60,000 per person to the Rach Gia ferry wharf.

- Buy a speed-boat two-way ticket at the wharf to Hon Lon (Big Isle) for VND440,000. Note that you do not need to book the ticket in advance from Monday to Thursday, but you have to from Friday to Sunday.

- The boat sets off at 8:15 a.m. It takes around two hours and 45 minutes to get to Hon Lon. The boat will drop by Hon Tre and Hon Son, two other isles in Nam Du, on the way.

- The boat’s return trip starts at 12:15 at noon. Please note that there is only one return trip each day from Hon Lon to the mainland.


Selling points

  • Summer paradise on Nam Du Islands
  • Beautiful beaches and a magical water world
  • Beautiful, colorful, patterned stones
  • Perfect destination to relax and camping
  • Fresh and peaceful atmosphere
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Nam Du Island, Kien Giang, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • There will be only one trip from Nam Du to Rach Gia at 12:15 p.m. The archipelago is always crowded with visitors on weekends. Therefore, make sure your booking should include return tickets in the first place if you want to get back for your work on Monday on time.
    Things to do
  • If you have one morning only to discover Nam Du, hire a motorcycle at VND150,000 to travel to Men Beach. Even though this beach is quite small, its water is extremely clean and clear while this place is also highlighted by a line of coconut trees.
    Things to do
  • There are only two restaurants in Nam Du, namely Nam Nuong and Hoa Hoang offering an assortment of tasty dishes at affordable prices.
  • The boat to Nam Du leaves from the quay at Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Rach Gia, at 8 a.m. daily.
  • The best time to explore Nam Du is from late December to May.
  • You are advised to wear sandals on beaches to avoid sharp rocks.
    What to wear
  • At Rach Gia, while waiting for a boat heading for Nam Du, you can pay a visit to Nguyen Trung Truc Temple highlighted by a 100-year-old banyan tree.
    Things nearby
  • Moving between islands is by boat. To save money, travelers should go in groups of eight to 12 people. To explore the unspoiled islands, using sleeping tents is the best choice.
    What to know

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