Myotsuji Temple

Attraction 5-21 Monzen, Obama, Fukui Prefecture 917-0237, Japan Published on: 14-10-2018

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Myōtsū-ji is a Shingon-sect Buddhist temple in the city of Obama, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.

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Why Myotsuji Temple is special ?

Myotsuji is said to have been built by Tamuramaro Sakanoue in Daidou Year 1 (806 AD). The main temple building, which was rebuilt in the Kamakura Era, and the 22m three-storied pagoda are both national treasures. Many visitors are filled with awe upon seeing its solemn figure, which has survived for so many long ages.

Four wooden statues - the seated Yakushinyorai (Buddha who can cure all ills), the standing Jinja Daishou (a guardian deity) the standing Gouzanzemyou'ou (conqueror of the three worlds), and the standing Fudoumyou'ou (The Immovable) - have been preserved since the late Heian Era, and are now important national treasures.

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5-21 Monzen, Obama, Fukui Prefecture 917-0237, Japan

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