Myanmar Gems Museum

Attraction 66 Kaba Aya Pagoda Road, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar Published on: 04-10-2018

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Myanmar Gems Museum, located at in Yangon, Myanmar, is a museum dedicated to precious Burmese gem stones. It is located on the third floor of a four-story building.

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Why Myanmar Gems Museum is special ?

Images of sandstone and cast bronze. original clay votive tablets and many evidence of Bagan Period culture. and also the items of Pinya. Innwa. Taungoo and Nyaung Yan Period can be viewed in the Myanmar Historic Period Showroom.

The visitors can study the articles such as made of pure solid gold and decorated with gems which were displayed in front of the throne to the left and right in customary order when the Kings of Myanmar gave audience to receive homage. in the Royal Regalia Showroom.

Myanmar Traditional Folk Art Showroom and Myanmar Performing Arts Showroom were in the second floor. Myanmar Art Gallery No.1 and No.2 were on the third floor where the copies of the drawings upon the walls of the 11.000-year-old Pyadalin cave. copies of the wall paintings from the thousand- year-old vault-based temples and stupas of the Bagan Period. reproductions of paintings of successive periods are exhibited.

Original works in oil and water colour of Myanmar great Artists can be viewed also. Buddha Images Showroom and Culture of National Races Showroom were on the 4th floor— 176 ancient Buddha Images of Pyu. Pinya. Innwa. Toungoo. Nyaung Yang and Konbaung in Hall 'A'. and Totem emblems and symbols of the clan-or lineage of the national races who live in cordial unity in the Union of Myanmar. musical instruments. art and craft articles. and weaponry are displayed.


What to explore at Myanmar Gems Museum?

The four-storey building is situated at No.66, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, Mayangon Township and very close to the Kaba Aye Pagoda. It displays very famous precious stones of Myanmar such as rubies, jades, sapphires and pearls. It also houses the Gems Mart.

The jewellery shops are located on the first and second floors, while the museum is on the third floor. The gems fair and auction held twice a year in March and October. Many jewel dealers from all over the world come here at that time. These three floors of the Gems Mart present the whole range of Myanmar ruby, sapphire, period and a variety of assorted colored stones, jade, pearls in lots or embedded in exquisite jewelry, gold ware, silverware and jade figurines. These are sold in Myanmar Kyats, US$ or foreign exchange certificates (FEC).


How to get to Myanmar Gems Museum?

Taxi rides in Yangon throughout the city center should be 2000-3000 kyat. In the evening or early morning (as to the airport for an early flight) it may be 500-1000 kyat more. You may be able to work out a cheap drive around Yangon with a taxi driver for as little as a few thousand kyat. (A fellow traveler told me he got an hour “tour” for 3000 kyat.) They are not using meters here, so settle on the price before you get in. If you are staying in a hotel, the doorman will likely hail the taxi, make sure they understand where you’re going, and affirm the price. English speakers are not guaranteed but not uncommon. The accent, however, may present a challenge.


Selling points

  • The real precious stones
  • Buying Gems and jewellery
  • Second location for Kuang Sint Yadanar
  • Retail shops are great
  • What a variety of precious gems

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66 Kaba Aya Pagoda Road, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

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Tips for you

  • The museum is located on the top floor and there are four floors of gem retailers below.
    What to know
  • It is closed on Monday.
  • There is a good selection of shops and stall where you can buy cut stones and jewellery.
    Things to do
  • No cameras are permitted - they must be checked at the door.
  • There are Myanmar Rubies, sapphires, jades and pearls and many kind of jewels displayed.
    What to see


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I was expecting something a little more glamorous for a museum that holds such a valuable collection of gems. The museum is located on the top floor and there are four floors of gem retailers below and if you like jewellery and gems it is an interesting place to pass a couple of hours. Chatting to the gem retailers was an interesting experience, and you cannot fault their friendliness and enthusiasm to show you pieces of jewellery and quote you prices in the hope of making a sale. I purchased some jewellery set with rubies and sapphires from Royal Jewellery, Counter 12, on the Ground Floor which I had valued when I returned home. All stones were found to be genuine, but the rubies in the earrings were of poor quality and filled with glass to hide the imperfections. In spite of this the overall valuation of the items I purchased was greater than what I paid.

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