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The story of Mulu started so long ago, in a time span that is difficult for us humans to grasp – 40 million years ago – and to make it even more intriguing, the Mulu story began deep under the sea.

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Why Mulu is special ?

The mystery and magic of Borneo has lured the cream of the scientific world since it was first discovered. In 1978 the Royal Geographical Society launched probably one of the biggest multi- disciplinary expeditions ever to Mulu. Prior to this, the Sarawak Government recognizing the special qualities of Mulu, had gone on to gazette it a National Park in 1974. The magic caught on in 2000, and Mulu was declared an iconic World Heritage Area, at 55,000 hectares, the biggest National Park in Sarawak.

The stories of the sandstone summit of Mulu peak are even older – 60 million years old. The massive limestone formation, formed deep under the sea, was uplifted to form the landscapes of Mulu, of which the peaks of Api, Benarat and Buddha are so prominent. But let’s start with the limestone that is responsible for the special World Heritage honors– gigantic caves!

Limestone is dissolved by water, of which there is no shortage of in a rainforest, and as a result, Mulu boasts some of the largest caves in the world.

Mulu qualifies for all four of the World Heritage criteria. Fewer than twenty World Heritage areas could manage this feat and these are what they mean for tourism: Superlative beauty – mountains, combined with huge river systems, a tropical rainforest and huge caves. The earth’s history and geo features are evident in the gigantic caves and the Pinnacles. Appreciate the biodiversity and ecological processes when you do adventure trekking or just stroll along the botany trail.

What to explore at Mulu?

The range of activities is extensive and would suit the laid back explorer to the hard core adventurer. High risk adventure are packaged as ascending Mulu Summit or the limestone Pinnacles. Real wild cave exploring from an advanced level (Sarawak Chamber and Clearwater Connection) to medium and entry level, are available. Plenty of self-guided walks are possible in the park, scaling a bird watching tower or just a sunset cruise downriver on a local longboat. The grand spectacle of 3 millions bats flying out of Deer Cave is a must, a world class experience that is open to all.

Visitors need to book well in advance for activities and to allow enough time in Mulu, to make the visit a lasting experience.

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Mulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

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