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Attraction Muliaage Male' City Maldives Published on: 13-11-2015

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Mulee Aage was the 'Official Residence of the President of the Maldives'. The construction of Muliaa’ge, was initiated in the year 1914 and completed in 1919.

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Why Mulee Aage is special ?

Mulee Aage was the 'Official Residence of the President of the Maldives'. The construction of Muliaa’ge, was initiated in the year 1914 and completed in 1919. It was commissioned by Sultan Muhammad Shamsuddeen III for his son and heir Prince Hassan Izzuddin. It was built on the style of bungalows in vogue during the colonial era in Ceylon and completed in preparation for the return of Prince Hassan Izzuddin to Male’ in 1920 after his education at the Royal College of Colombo.

Muliaage, meaning the ‘’new house of Muli’’ was built on the site of ‘’Mulee’ge’’, the ancestral home of Shamsuddeen. Neither Muliaa’ge nor Mulee’ge ever served as a Royal Palace.


What to explore at Mulee Aage?

The Mulee Aage is famous throughout Male’, as a place for merriment and gaiety with numerous music and dance performances which organized by the young prince for his entertainment. However, most of the buildings in the royal palace grounds were demolished during Ibrahim Nasir’s presidency in the late 1960s. The historical residence of the Sultans, with its intricate white carvings built by Maldivian designers and Shri Lankan architects, is a lovely, graceful complex. In the present times, this colonial style building serves as the office of president, where official meetings are held. This spectacular building with its beautiful white carvings definitely falls into the category of must visit tourist attraction destinations.


How to get to Mulee Aage?

Mulee Aage is located on Medhuziyaarai Magu where you can reach by taking bus number 403 or 101 to Majeediyya School Bus Stop or Sultan Park Bus Stop.

Selling points

  • Only A View From Road but Interesting History
  • Good place for an evening stroll
  • Small but a worth a view
  • Most enchanting official place in Male
  • Nice building with tallest flag in Male
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Muliaage Male' City Maldives

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Tips for you

  • The building is the most guarded building in Male with many guards in whole uniform staring at you since one is taking the building's pictures. It isn't a good idea for photography here.
  • The palace is right opposite the Old Friday Mosque, so you should take a look to this historic building.
    Things nearby
  • There a park nearby where you can enjoy the atmosphere and take a look to this palace.
    Things nearby
  • Since you can not enter the premises, you can only view the generous entrance with nice manicured garden in front of the place.
    Things to do
  • You should do read the history of this quickly on wikipedia or ask your tour guide as it does have an interesting old and recent history.
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Muleeaage was built as the palace for the local sultan in the early 20th century. It has had somewhat of a checkered past being used a general government offices, the actual residence of the president for 40 years up to 1994 then again after 2009. The imposing wall that circles the property takes away most of the views of the main building but there is a nice photo spot by the front gates across from the 1988 martyrs memorial.

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