Mountain Church (Nha Tho Nui)

Attraction Nguyen Trai St, Nha Trang Published on: 04-03-2016

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Mountain Church (stone church) is an attractive destination for tourists, cameras and photographers. This is one of the unique French style architectures

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Why Mountain Church (Nha Tho Nui) is special ?

Located at a height of 12 m high in the heart of the city, the stone church is an attraction to many visitors, film-makers and photographers at home and abroad. The official name of the church is the King Cathedral, but local people often call it the stone church, Nha Trang church, Nui (Mountain) church or Nga Sau church. The church is one of the unique architectures of the French style in Nha Trang.

Aiming to spread the Catholic lifestyle in Nha Trang, priest Louis Vallet (1869 - 1945) built this church. After he died, the priest was buried at the foothills of the church.


What to explore at Mountain Church (Nha Tho Nui)?

The church was built entirely with the western catholic church architecture. Its design is similar to the famous church in Sa Pa and some other churches in Vietnam. A high bell tower in the middle with three bells inside is the characteristic of Western catholic churches.

The church’s beautiful space is favored by photographers and cameraman. Young couples also choose this place to take wedding photos. The church opens to visitors every day, from 8am and it still maintains sermons in the morning and afternoon.

Situated on a hill about 10 meters high, this hill before the construction of the cathedral was much higher, however the French used explosive charges to 500 and level the land and build the access road, reducing the height of the hill on which sits the cathedral of Nha Trang.

Inside the church floors were paved using rocks, but the most striking are the neon lights adorning the cathedral. We have red neons behind the crucifix, a form of white lights halo over the statue of the Virgin Mary, neon pink in the tabernacle and every one of the arches of the structure, neon blue.

There are two paths leading to the church. The first one in front of the church has 53 stone steps, starting from Thai Nguyen Street, and the second is a stone path from the city square to the yard behind the church. In front of the church is a cave with a statute of Mother Maria where a lot of Catholic followers and visitors come to pray.

The exterior of the Cathedral of Nha Trang are decorated with numerous statues of saints.


Selling points

  • “A local catholic church”
  • “Western style Church”
  • “Historical Site well maintained”
  • “Cathedral like a castle! :)”
  • “One of the most splendid cathedrals in Vietnam.”
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Nguyen Trai St, Nha Trang

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Tips for you

  • It is probably more peaceful in the morning.
  • For guidance it is best to ask the train station in Nha Trang, located just behind the cathedral, about 1 kilometer from the beach.
  • The entrance is which is all the way to the left as you're facing the clock tower and the Maria statue. The cathedral's only about a 15-minute walk to the beach (the part where the pink-orange lotus-shaped tower is), so it's at a pretty convenient location where tourists usually hang around.
  • Don't expect to hear the service in English.
  • There is a large supermarket over the road for cheap drinks!
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I came back here twice. The first time I came, Nha Trang was suffering from a typhoon and it was cold and rained all day. We couldn't go swimming so we were just hanging around when we found this sleeping beauty. When I first came here, I just had one question "Why never before did anyone mentioned with me about something this beautiful?" It was there like a gem. Free entrance lead you up to the church. It was called "Nha Tho Nui" literally meaned " Mountain Church". It was actually built on a hill, which could give you a nice view of the city. It was peaceful there. There are more and more tourists coming to this venue I believe. But still, you could find a quiet corner just for yourself!

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