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Monkasel is a biggest submarine monument in the region, which is built on the river side Kalimas, Surabaya with the idea of the elders of the Navy Submarine.

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Why Monkasel is special ?

Monkasel, or Submarine Monument, is a submarine museum in Embong Kaliasin, Surabaya. Located in the city center, this monument is actually a submarine KRI Pasopati 410, one of the Indonesian Navy fleet made in the Soviet Union in 1952. The submarine is never involved in the Battle of Arafura Sea to liberate West Irian from Dutch occupation.

This monument is located at Jalan Pemuda, right next to Plaza Surabaya. Also in this place there is also a film screening, in which they shown the war in Aru Sea. If you want to visit these places, you should be accompanied by a local guide


Selling points

  • “Lots of fun for all ages in your family :)”
  • “Great little spot”
  • “Good for education”
  • “Submarine museum of Surabaya”
  • “Good place to visit!”
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Jalan Pemuda No. 39 Jawa Tim. Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • During the weekends you will find alot of people lining up to go in.
  • Just don't do it in the middle of the afternoon as it's bloody hot.
  • It is in the heart of surabaya near Tungangan mall.
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It was IDR 10,000 for entry into the monument area. A Soviet-built submarine that you can enter and read about, some food stalls, a video room and a swimming pool (why??) are what that entry fees gets you access to. I walked to this monument dead in the middle of the afternoon, and the only shade available was inside the submarine. Mercifully air conditioned because it was sweltering outside. It's arguable that IDR 10,000 is nothing as an entry fee to check out a 50 odd year old submarine. Personally, I wasn't sure if the fee was justified, but then again submarines are not my thing. Gearheads may get a kick out of checking out the gauges, engines and other things in it, but I wasn't overly impressed. Paint chipping on the outside of the sub, but when your entrance fee is so low, there's only so much you can allocate in maintenance. I didn't bother with the food stalls or video room, though I was mildly amused to see a swimming pool behind the submarine. It appears more like a wading pool for kids and I'm pretty sure there was an entrance fee to that too, but I didn't bother to get a closer look to find out. The monument is situated next to a river (or large storm drain?) with seats and tables along the edge for people to have a picnic, presumably. To summarise: a tourist attraction that appears geared towards kids, though it's value is questionable to them as they are unlikely to appreciate the technological marvel they're staring at. At IDR 10,000 per entry, it's peanuts to have a gander anyway. Just don't do it in the middle of the afternoon as it's bloody hot.

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A replica of the real Pasapati submarine where you can have a real feel of how a submarine looks like inside. A good place for everyone.

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This just ordinary museum showing inside of Kapal Selam, maybe great for children for the first time but not for the 2nd time visit.

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This Cold War-era Soviet submarine in the middle of the neighbourhood in Surabaya is home of the Indonesian Navy’s Eastern Fleet. The Whiskey Class Submarine named KRI Pasopati 410 became a virtual floating coffin still in service until 1990 while using 1950’s technology. It was completely out-dated for modern warfare by the time man walked on the moon, proving the men who served on her were extremely foolish or extremely brave.One of 12 Whisky Class submarines purchased by the Indonesian Navy, this diesel powered submarine was not the missile-carrying variant but the lower-end coastal patrol model. With a maximum of 63 crew & an arsenal of 12 torpedoes it was a low-cost, low-tech submarine effective for scaring women & fisherman. The Pasopati was involved in Operation Trikora, the Indonesian invasions of New Guinea & East Timor but had never recorded an actual kill on military warship. Its main objective was to track & sink enemy merchant vessels but it’s unlikely the Pasopati ever did this since the cost of buying torpedoes outweighs any satisfaction of sinking ships transporting food & household goods.A living museum where visitors are free to run around alone to pull, press & bang on anything within reach. Turning the hatches of the torpedo tubes, looking for the torpedo launch buttons & standing on the command deck barking out orders, it’s every man-child’s fantasy. Obviously it is old, no country would actually put on display a new advanced stealth submarine for children to run around on.For those people who found it hot, cramped & unbearable, this is actually better than what it was really like while it was underwater. Built by the Russians where it is freezing cold, body heat & sweat helped keep the submarine warm. Crammed with 63 other men, with no showers, no air-conditioning & in 40 degree air, it would probably be better to surrender in a real fight than to die miserably.

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A replica of the real Pasapati submarine where you can have a real feel of how a submarine looks like inside. A good place for everyone.

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