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Attraction Mizumotokoen, Katsushika 125-0034, Tokyo Published on: 26-02-2016

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Mizumoto Park, the largest park in Tokyo, was established in 1965. This park is very popular when cherry blossom comes for its gorgeous appearance.

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Why Mizumoto Park is special ?

Built along the Koaidame flood control basin, Mizumoto Park is the only park in Tokyo with riverside town scenery. This area was designated as the Metropolitan Edogawa Suigo Nature Park until 1975. Large and small canals drawn from the Koaidame flood control basin run through the park, creating riverside town scenery. Poplar, metasequoia, alder, and other trees that grow well near water have been planted in the park. Many aquatic plants such as Japanese iris, water lily, and cow lily can also be seen.

What to explore at Mizumoto Park?

Cherry trees ˔

About 550 cherry trees, mostly someiyoshino, have been planted in the park. They run for four kilometers along sakura dike and its recreation trail at the west side of the park.

Aquatic plant garden ˔

Aquatic plants such as water lilies, Indian rice, floating heart, narrow-leaved cattails, and reeds can be seen in the


Poplar trees: There are 200 poplar trees in the park that can reach 20 meters in height. They were planted starting in 1973 with the development of major park paths. Hokkaido is the most well known place in Japan to see poplar trees, but in Mizumoto Park you can see them without having to leave Tokyo.

Metasequoia forest ˔

These 1,800 metasequoias have been planted from the memorial plaza to the central field. That is the largest number for any Metropolitan park. Metasequoias look amazing when the first green of spring is coming out and when the leaves change color in autumn. But the most striking scene is when the thin bare branches of winter softly hold a dressing of snow. Take a trip out to the park in the winter and you will be greeted with beauty unsen elsewhere.

Main plants Chinese elm, camphor, black pine,

cherry, alder, poplar, metasequoia, American sweetgum, bald cypress, hydrangea, floating heart, prickly water lily, Japanese iris, narrow-leaved cattail, softstem bulrush, Indian rice Events Iris festival (June)

Children’s festival (April) Facilities Mizumoto Green Plaza, youth camp field, dog

run adventure field, barbeque field (tel: 03-5876-3434), kingfisher home (administered by Katsushika Ward: tel: 03-3627-5201), meeting hall (cool arbor) multipurpose field

Location ˔ Mizumoto-Koen, Higashi-Kanamachi 5/ 8-chome, Katsushika Ward; Misato City, Saitama Prefecture

Contact Information ˔ Mizumoto Park Administration Office tel: 03-3607-8321 (3-2 Mizumoto-Koen, Katsushika-ku 125-0034)

Transport ˔ 7-minute walk from Mizumoto-Koen bus stop on Keisei Bus for Togasaki-Soshajo or Nishi-Mizumoto

3-chome from Kanamachi (JR Jyoban line, Chiyoda line). * Temporary bus available on Saturadays, Sundays, and holidays during March to November. Toll parking facilities available (24 hours).

Bird Watching

More than a hundred species of wild birds, including little grebes, spotbills, herons, and kingfishers have been confirmed to visit or inhabit the park. In winter, more than 500 ducks migrate to the park.

How to get to Mizumoto Park?

Mizumoto Koen is located in Katsushika-ku ward within 23 wards of Tokyo. The closest station is Kanamachi Station of JR Joban-sen Line and Chiyoda-sen Line (Tokyo Metro Subway), or Keisei Kanamachi Station of Keisei-sen Line.

From both Kanamachi Station to Mizumoto Koen, it takes about 20 to 25 minutes on foot. (Approx.2km). Bus services are also available from Kanamachi Station (金町駅). (Take a Keisei bus and get off at the bus stop "Mizumoto-koen (水元公園)". *A 5 to 10 min. ride) Since you need to walk at least 7 minutes (400m) from the bus stop to the park entrance, walking directly from Kanamachi station is recommendable. The best would be to go by bicycle if you have one. From Mizumoto Koen, it takes only 10 mins. by bicycle to Taishakuten Temple (帝釈天) in Shibamata (柴又), the town famous for “Otokowa Tsuraiyo”, a national movie for the Japanese. The sculptural decoration of Taishakuten shrine building is a must-see. From Mizumoto Koen to Shibamata is reachable on foot too ( approx. 50 mins). Another option is to take Keisei line from Kanamachi staion to Keisei Shibamata station (1 station away).

Source: http://tokyo.digi-joho.com/

Selling points

  • Excellent wildlife in Tokyo's center
  • Edogawa promenade
  • The biggest park with water landscapes
  • Many aquatic plants
  • Diverse kinds of plants and wild birds
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Mizumotokoen, Katsushika 125-0034, Tokyo

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Tips for you

  • Don't foget to bring mosquito repellent if you visit in Summer or fall.
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  • Keep eyes on your kids because the park is huge and sometimes crowded.
  • It's a great place to have picnic or even a meeting in a cool labor.
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My wife and I recently visited Mizumoto Park and we were both taken aback by it's size, how well maintained it was and it's impressive bird sanctuary. The park is about a 15 min walk from Kanemachi station, but a bus does go from the station to the park every 15-20 minutes if you do not fancy the walk. The park is divided into two sections - an area designed for picnics, with toilets and a playground, and another wilder, forested area with a lake that you can fish in. There are several bird viewing stations dotted around the forested/lake area and we were very surprised to see a large colony of birds in the sanctuary preparing their nests for spring. The entire park is very well maintained and clean, but please note you must keep your dog on a leash and kids are not allowed to use skateboards or roller-skates (cycling is permitted). Mizumoto Park is possibly the largest park in the Tokyo area and would be great spot for Hanami season (cherry blossom viewing). On the opposite side of the lake is Saitama and another smaller park, Misato Park which is also worth a look. I would recommend this Mizumoto-koen to families, bird watchers or anyone interested in escaping the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.

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