Mitsuike Park

Attraction Japan 〒230-0013 神奈川県横浜市 鶴見区三ツ池公園1 Published on: 27-02-2016

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Mitsuike Park is the one of the 100 best Hanami spots in Japan. Mitusike means three ponds. In this park, there are 78 kinds 1,600 sakura.

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Why Mitsuike Park is special ?

Mitsuike Park is one of Japan's "100 best cherry blossom spots", the only found in the city of Yokohama. Like its name suggests, Mitsuike Park features three ponds around which over a thousand cherry trees are planted. Mitsuike Park has not only ponds but also the park is located on many small mountains. So, there are many short hiking courses with beautiful tress and flowers.

Mitsuike Park is also used for the International Exchange Programs especially between China. There is Chinese nice statue, and Keran garden which both given by those countries.

Mitsuike Park has nice park center building for all visitors. It has exhibition space, gallery, and lecture hall.

One of the best place to visit with your families and see great Sakura


What to explore at Mitsuike Park?

Mitusike means three ponds. Mitsuzawa Park is home to various sports facilities, including a soccer stadium and many tennis courts. Cherry trees can be found all across the park with the highest concentration around Sakurayama ("cherry blossom mountain") in the park's northwestern corner. In this park, there are 78 kinds 1,600 sakura. This park is also chosen as best 50 Bird watching place in Kanagawa. So, many wild birds live in this ponds. One of the best bird watching place nearby Tokyo. Many people enjoy hanami in Spring.


How to get to Mitsuike Park?

0. at Tokyo Station

1. take JR Keihintohoku Line to Tusrumi (26min.)

2. walk north-west (20min.)

Selling points

  • A fine day of cherry blossom viewing
  • Take a walk in natural
  • Picnic without any fee
  • Different kinds of cherry blossom
  • One of the 100 best Hanami spots in Japan
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Japan 〒230-0013 神奈川県横浜市 鶴見区三ツ池公園1

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Tips for you

  • It is divided in three areas, each with distinctive landscape.
    Things to do
  • There are places to jogging, walking, tennis and picnic.
    Things to do
  • There are different kinds of cherry blossom - pink, white and red - all add to a sense of dancing poetry.
    What to see


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i recommend here ,come with family -with small kid 1 yr old onward. u may get to see the korean garden /house in this park. u can rent the wheelchair or stroller here . ( free or not, i not sure), but normally is free, only need register some information. there are place to jogging, walking, tennis and picnic. well, bring your own food, and lie down, enjoy the natural environment. the bathroom here are clean , don`t worry. well, spring, and autumn ,i recommend here if u at some where near here. is silent place for refresh your mind. spring , u may enjoy lake and cherry blossom, got 10 types of cherry blossom trees among this park . bloom at different season. here is good enough , because less people compare ueno park and u can picnic without any fee. autumn, there are nice view too, i like it. feel calm here.

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