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Attraction Mitra's Ranch Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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Mitra Farm is basically a ranch with cows and horses, with vast land and a beautiful view deck. This is owned by the Philippine Senator Ramon Mitra.

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Why Mitra's Farm is special ?

Mitra farm is an extraordinary getaway that will give you a different commune with nature. Rancho Sta. Monica or Mitra's Ranch/Rancho ni Mitra as the locals call it, is located in Sta. Monica Heights Puerto Princesa City. Owned by the Philippine Senator Ramon Mitra, you can experience farm life with a serene and relaxing view of green fields, cows and horses. The ranch has been one of the favorite destinations for those who want to meditate and ponder. Located in the hilly and terrain landscape of Sta. Monica, the ranch has a beautiful view deck that offers the most breathtaking view of Palawan and of Puerto Princesa.

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What to explore at Mitra's Farm?

What makes the Mitra Farm different is its location. The location gives you a beautiful view of the sea, the mountains and the city. Sta. Monica offers the most breathtaking view of Palawan. It is a hundred feet above the rest of the city, giving you the nicest view of Puerto Princesa. Mitra Farm is just a place makes you want to just simply enjoy the beauty of the scenery and the freshness of the air. It's a place where you can go to when you just feel like having your alone time whether you want to relax, chill or unwind. You can have a walk around and just feel and breath the fresh air. The whole environment is good to photograph especially those beautiful and serene landscapes. Also, you can have picture taking with the farm animals. You can try zipline and stand the top of hill to see panoramic view, especially, Honda bay.


How to get to Mitra's Farm?

1. If you go alone , you should hire a van/trike/multicab in going there, especially if you are a group, since you might want to tour this along with Crocodile Farm and Baker’s Hill.

2. If commuting, ride an “Irawan” jeep from Rizal St. and tell the driver to drop you off the intersection going to Baker’s Mill / Mitra’s Ranch. From the intersection, ride a tricycle going to Mitra’s Ranch.

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Selling points

  • A panoramic view
  • Nice view. Free entrance
  • A cool place for the day
  • Nice view of Honda bay
  • Great overlooking view!
A nice 4 day trip to Puerto Princesa

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114.98 USD
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Mitra's Ranch Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines

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Tips for you

  • You can horse riding
  • You can take photos with horses
  • You stand the top of hill and see the view surroundings. It is very beautiful
    What to see
  • You should wear your coat because the wind is strong Avoiding visit on rainy day because you will not try zipline
  • There is a bad smell of the cows nearby.
  • From tis farm you can see Cowrie island
    Things nearby
  • Entrance is free but if you try the zipline, Price is 500 pesos per person for 4 zipline stations.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • Spending 200 pesos to see inside the Mitra house but nothing much to see so it's a waste of money. You spend your time to see the panoramic view and takephotos
    Ticket and Pricing


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Here we did our first jump shot in Palawan. The place was pretty relaxing. The view of Honda was stunning.If you love great and overlooking view like me, you will definitely enjoy your stay here.Be sure to take good photos of the view.

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The ranch is owned by the family of the late senator, Ramon Mitra. it's a good spot to enjoy the view of the Palawan cityscape from afar. we spent our time to sit and relax while feeling the cool breeze. unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to enter inside the house anymore but anyone would still prefer to stay outside and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.Picnic chairs and tables are everywhere from the parking area to the viewing deck. One can also try horseback riding and the 360-meter zip line for P500.00 each.

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Mitra's Ranch was our third stop during the City Tour. The place was was perfect for relaxation and a feel of the cool-Palawan breeze. You get to have a 180-degree view of the Sulu Sea and the rest of the island on top of the hill. Perfect for family day picnics and some peace and quiet. They have a pony for kids to enjoy while teens and adults can try the 3-stop Zipline. We didn't get to do the zipline since the rain was about to come in.. But Mitra's Ranch is a nice place to go back to someday for an afternoon picnic.

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Here we did our first jump shot in Palawan. The place was pretty relaxing. The view of Honda was stunning.If you love great and overlooking view like me, you will definitely enjoy your stay here. Be sure to take good photos of the view.

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