Minh Phung Night Market

Shopping 122 Minh Phụng, 6, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam Published on: 18-11-2015

06:00 PM - 02:00 AM
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Minh Phung night market which attract visitors with their abundance of goods and remarkably low prices, sells all kinds of accessories for women: hairpins, jewellery, handbags, cloth, clothes, and others.

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Why Minh Phung Night Market is special ?

Minh Phung night markets have become Saigon’s specialty. Night markets are not luxurious like shopping malls but are still attracts visitors for its abundance of goods with remarkable prices. People go to night markets not only for shopping but also for enjoying traditional cuisines that they cannot find at restaurants.

Minh Phung street market is the only mainstream Saigon opened for business at 18h and sold to blur the next morning. But business at the markets on other differences, but with the convenience factor of traffic, Spot (located between Cholon and Western Bus Station), the market attracted many tourists to visit the shop. Also characteristic of the time, the small business "challenge" value of the item to the "pay any price and stick to" make markets become more "scandalous" more.

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What to explore at Minh Phung Night Market?

Whether you’re rummaging for bargains, haggling over local handicrafts or bravely munching on a fried tarantula, Ho Chi Minh City’s bustling street markets are the heart and soul of local life, and you can’t leave the city without losing yourself in their midst. Female travelers looking to bag a bargain will find everything they ever wanted (and plenty they didn’t even know they wanted) at the Minh Phung night market, where stalls are heaped with clothing, designer knock-offs, handbags, jewelry, children’s clothes and home furnishings.

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122 Minh Phụng, 6, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • The sellers are very friendly but they offers very high price, make sure to bargain to get a good price.
  • It's best to walk around to check the price and then select what you want to buy.
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