Minh Mang Tomb

Attraction Lăng Minh Mạng 49 Hương Thọ, tx. Hương Trà Thừa Thiên Huế Published on: 04-03-2016

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Minh Mang Tomb was built in 1840 under the order of Minh Mang King, so Minh Mang Tomb is well-known as the most beautiful and majestic tomb of Nguyen Dynasty.

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Why Minh Mang Tomb is special ?

Minh Mang Tomb is the most famous attraction in Hue. The Tomb was built in 1840 under the order of Minh Mang King, so Minh Mang Tomb is well-known as the most beautiful and majestic tomb of Nguyen Dynasty.

The tomb is surrounded by natural landscape, so this is a perfect combination of manmade and natural beauty in Hue.

The tomb’s designed as a symmetric axis (called Than Dao) running from the Great Red Gate to the foot of the Surrounding Wall behind the King’s tomb. Apart from this gate at the center, there are 2 other gates: the Left Rad Gate and the Right Red Gate, which led to the Honour Courtyard – where two rows of mandarins, elephants and horse’s stone statues are standing. At the other side of the 3 gates, on Mount Phung Than is the square Stele Pavilion, where the stele “Thanh Duc Than Cong” inscribed with the King’s biography and merits written by his son, is placed. Sung An Temple, where King Minh Mang and his wife are worshipped, can be accessed through Hien Duc Gate. There are 3 stones bridges on the other side of this temple, with the marble one reserved only for the king. Finally, the Hoang Trach Gate heads to the Minh Lau Pavilion. It is placed on top of three terraces representing heaven, earth and water. Closer to the tomb area, the New Moon Lake (Ho Tan Nguyet) is crescent-shaped and embraces the circular wall surrounding the grave (Buu Thanh).

What to explore at Minh Mang Tomb?

The constructions are distributed into three main parallel axis of which Than Dao path is the centre.

Dai Hong Mon: It is the main gate to enter the tomb. The gate presents three paths with 24 heaving roofs covered with beautiful decorations. The gate was opened only once to bring the Emperor's coffin to the tomb, and had been tightly closed since then. Visitors have to use the two side-gates Ta Hong Mon (Left Gate) and Huu Hong Mon (Right Gate).

Bi Dinh: Behind Dai Hong Mon (big gate) is the Honour Courtyard with its two rows of mandarins, elephants and horses’ statues. Bi Dinh (Stele Pavilion) is on Mount Phung Than. Inside is the stele "Thanh Duc Than Cong", inscribed with the Emperor's biography and merits written by his son Thieu Tri.

The temple area:

The Salutation Court is divided into four steps - The Hien Duc Mon (gate) leads to the worship place. In the centre is Sung An Temple surrounded by Ta, Huu Phoi Dien (Left, Right Temples) in the front and Ta, Huu Tung Phong (Left, Right Rooms) in the back. The Emperor and Queen Ta Thien Nhan are worshipped in Sung An Temple. Then, Hoang Trach Mon (gate) leads to the Bright Pavilion (Minh Lau), built on Tam Tai Mount. It is a square pavilion with two storeys and eight roofs. On both sides of Minh Lau, two obelisks stand on the hills. In the back of Minh Lau are two flower gardens designed as the character "Longevity".

How to get to Minh Mang Tomb?

There are many kinds of vehicles for visitors to get Minh Mang Tomb, such as motorbikes, bikes, cars, taxis…

If you are in Tu Duc Tomb, you will take about 15 minutes by car to come to Minh Mang Tomb.

Although travelling by car or motorbike is easy and convenient today thanks to the construction of Tuan Bridge, it’s not a bad choice to take a boat trip from Hue to visit this tomb in addition to Thien Mu Pagoda and Hon Chen Temple. Tourists should deal with the boat-owners before going. The price ranges, depending on the number of sites and the distance, but normally it’s very reasonable.

Selling points

  • In delightful location stands this impressive tomb
  • A bit of a walk but well worth it
  • Must see attraction in Hue
  • Massive place for one person
  • A stately and serene atmosphere
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Lăng Minh Mạng 49 Hương Thọ, tx. Hương Trà Thừa Thiên Huế

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Tips for you

  • You should bring plenty of cash because this place does not accept Credit Card.
    What to bring
  • You should bring your camera to caught the spectacular sightseeing around the tomb.
  • Many travellers choose to visit Minh Mang’s tomb by sampan from Hue including stops at Thien Mu Pagoda and Khai Dinh’s tomb.
  • From a stone bridge across crescent-shaped Tan Nguyet Lake (Lake of the New Moon), a monumental staircase with dragon banisters leads to Minh Mang’s sepulchre. The gate to the tomb is opened only once a year on the anniversary of the emperor’s death.
  • You should keep eyes on your children to avoid them running around.
  • It is located at Tomb of Minh Mang, 49 Huong Tho,Huong Tra Town, Thua Thien Hue


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Visited here recently with a tour group early in the day to avoid the heat. This is the UNESCO world heritage listed Royal Tomb of Minh Mang who reigned in the Nguyen dynasty the last of the Vietnamese dynasties from 1820 to 1840. It was completed after his death and said to have taken 10 thousand workers to complete.The complex comprises of almost 40 monuments and surrounded by lovely gardens and pools a very picturesque complex. Suggest you have a local guide for not just this site but the many sites nearby.Toilets, small souvenir shop that also sold cold drinks and icecreams. Not wheelchair friendly due to the amount of steps. As its a very open area take sunscreen and water as it gets quite hot, also best to go as early in the day as possible to avoid the heat and crowds. (If you find this review helpful please tick the box tks

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A must. Large scale layout with temples, gardens, cemeteries, and steeped in history. One of the reasons you visit Hue

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