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Attraction Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Merdeka Square is the historical landmark in Kuala Lumpur. It's great place to have a walk and take photos. Around this field are the most interesting buildings.

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Why Merdeka Square is special ?

Merdeka Square is undoubtedly KL’s best known landmark. Also called Dataran Merdeka, it is set in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building (the former State Secretariat). Directly in front is the Royal Selangor Club and to the north is St. Mary’s Church
Within the colonial core of Kuala Lumpur, where the remnants of the British empire are especially evident, Merdeka Square seems to be nothing more than a giant field with perfectly manicured green lawns and a centrepiece of the tallest flagpole in the world (95m) proudly displaying the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian flag). At the corner of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Raja Laut, Merdeka Square is made up of a padang (field) that was once the Selangor Club cricket pitch.
The beautifully-tended, 200m-long padang is the most famous stretch of green in KL – it was here that Malaysia proclaimed merdeka (freedom or independence) on August 31st, 1957. Beside the lofty flagpole is a giant TV screen with a mix of flashing advertisements and religious messages. The venue for Malaysia’s annual Merdeka Parade (Independence Day) celebration, Merdeka Square hosts rock concerts and underneath the pitch is the Plaza Putra shopping complex. 

What to explore at Merdeka Square?

If you are a fan of the Malayan history, you can come here and take some pictures. There are many attractions nearby the Merdeka Square. 

For shoppers, you can come over to Central Market Kuala Lumpur to buy some local souvenirs and food and at the same time learn about the different cultures of the society that makes up Malaysia.

The Central Market is made up of a few floors which are occupied by many stalls. Another place where locals and tourists should visit is the Petaling Street (Chinatown) as this is the best place to taste local street foods and purchase all sorts of things.

The Petaling Street is full of stalls ranging from souvenirs to fruits and even imitation goods of designer brands. If you need to cool off after hours at the Petaling Street, you can head over to BERJAYA Times Square. Berjaya Times Square has the largest indoor theme park which is the Cosmo's World Theme Park. There are rides for all ages in the 380,000 sq feet area.

If you are already tired from all the walking and shopping, you can put up for the night at the BERJAYA HOTEL which is located above the shopping center of Berjaya Times Square.

You can also opt for other hotels in Kuala Lumpur or Hotels in Bukit Bintang which are also very near. In the city center, you do not have to worry about accommodation and food as there are plenty of both of them.


How to get to Merdeka Square?

The most convenient way to get to the Merdeka Square via public transport is by getting on any of the three train lines that runs through the Masjid Jamek station. Walk towards Jamek Mosque from the station and proceed to the corner and towards the Merdeka Square.

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  • “A landmark for photo shooting”
  • “Old Centre of town”
  • “A place in history of Independence”
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Tips for you

  • Make sure you walk around the entire square as if not you may miss some other great sights
    Things to do
  • Food and shopping can easily be done here!
  • There are beautiful buildings around it, so it worth a visit to take pictures!
  • It is easily accessible by public transport, and very pretty at night
  • Dont go to merdeka square at 11.00 until 14.00 (2 pm). its totally hot.. no trees here.. visiting at 3 pm until 6 pm is more comfortable option
  • The Merdeka Square is located exactly opposite the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and right beside the Royal Selangor Club.
    Things nearby
  • Merdeka Square is just a walking distance from most Hotels in the City.
    Things nearby
  • Some of the City attractions like Chinatown,KLCC,Suria Mall,Bukit Bitang,KL Telecommunication Tower,Central Market you can easily walk to if not lazy.
    Things nearby
  • Near the Square there's National Art Gallery(Free Entrance),KL City Gallery(Free Entrance) and National Museum.
    Things nearby


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Have a stroll at night here.. quite safe and a quite nice night outing with family and friends here.. but it could be quite warm here.. light clothing is recommended..

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I'm 99% sure that you're gonna come across Merdeka square during your visit in Kuala Lumpur - be it even a short one. Historic place surrounded by interesting buildings. Grassy grounds and fountains. Possibly the highest flagpole in the world. Great panorama of the city in the evening.

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I think Merdeka Square is always an interesting stop - with a lot of history and surrounded by many buildings of historical importance and beauty such as Masjid Jamek and Sultan Abdul Samad building, it's also easily accessible, only a short walk from Pasar Seni.

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It is a vast open space that is surrounded on all sides by the city's heritage buildings and clubs. The National Flag is unfurled at this location each year on the Malaysian Independence Day!It is a good place to take a walk, and discover the heritage of the city.

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