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Mekong Delta is the bottom half of Vietnam's two rice baskets, the other being the Red River Delta in the North .

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Why Mekong Delta is special ?

The Mekong Delta forms both the far southern region of Vietnam and one of country's two main ricebowls. Dominated by the Mekong River and its many tributaries, the surrounding lands are comprised of low lying rice paddies and the rivers are bordered by dense mangroves and palms. The tributaries of the hectic Mekong River highway provide a comprehensive network of canals and channels acting as on and off ramps to the main throughfare.

The area is both riparian and deeply rural, but it's also one of Vietnam's most densely populated regions, with nearly every hectare intensively farmed. Visitors can dwell on southern charm in little-visited riverside cities, sample fruits traded in the colourful floating markets, or feast on home-cooked delicacies before overnighting as a homestay guest. Mangrove forests, sacred Khmer pagodas and off-the-beaten-track attractions round out the picture.


What to explore at Mekong Delta?

1) Paddle Down The Mekong Delta

Whether you jump in a rowboat all by yourself or have a local Vietnamese wearing a conical hat act as skipper, paddling down the Mekong Delta was one of our favorite experiences on our three day tour.

2) Visiting A Floating Market

The hectic parade of activity that’s also know as the local floating markets is a fascinating spectacle to behold that reminded me of the Uros from Lake Titicaca. From pineapple tossing to fishing the market is as lively as they come. What’s fascinating is that all of this takes place on the water where you have an opportunity to experience all of it for a couple of hours.

3) Mingle With Friendly Locals At A Cham Island Settlment

The opportunity to visit with local minority Cham villages was probably my favorite experience. As a visible minority group (Islamic in their beliefs) the Cham villagers are radiant warm people who will smile and pose for photos while waving at you. Their distinct clothing and headdress is quite impressive.

4) Feed Catfish at a Fish Farm

Throwing pellets of fish food into a tiny open space of water and watching a plethora of catfish fight over the scraps wasn’t one of the highlights of my journey but it’s likely a stop along the way if you’re on a tour. If going it alone we’d recommend skipping this.

5) Listen To Traditional Vietnamese Music

Listening to a traditional Vietnamese music and singing performance is something we relished after spending hours out on the boat. The soothing and distinct sound of the music along with fruit refreshments and tea helped us to cool down and recharge for the rest of the afternoon.

6) Climb Cave Pagoda

Finally, for those who make it all the way to Chau Doc (nearby the Vietnamese – Cambodian border) make sure to climb all the way up to Cave Pagoda for some breathtaking views of rice fields, stilt villages and greenery. With a Buddha decked out in sunglasses it’s just the kind of quirky place we recommend highly.


How to get to Mekong Delta?

Getting to Can Tho by Mai Linh Bus

There are many buses and minibuses plying the route. Mai Linh company is a good reputation as operators of buses and taxis. Mai Linh express buses - a little more expensive but they don't pack as many people in and they run on schedule with little complication.

Take Taxi to Le Hong Phong st, D10 office to get MaiLinh coach tickets( tell Taxi driver, he knows) or go straight to Mien Tay bus station D 6. (taxi from D1) cost US$8. From Here you can choose Mailinh or Phuong Trang bus both good services and see if any schedule is closer to your time. Get ticket 100,000 VND = 5bucks to go to can Tho bus station after 4hrs drive with one rest stop half way in Caibe. They are leaving every one or 02 hrs.

Practice the words "Can Tho" and you probably won't need more. Only keep an eye on your bus (the number especially) during the short pit stop. You may have difficulty finding your bus among 20 identical green buses.

When the bus arrive Can tho, the driver announced "Can Tho". The Can Tho bus station is quite large and should be easy to tell you're there and the ferry terminal is a close 2 minute walk. A good map is priceless. I would say a do it yourself trip is much better than being rushed from place to place with a group

Book Mai Linh Bus to Can Tho online at

Ho Chi Minh Airport Transfer: 22 USD/ 4 seat car/ 1 way


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  • A View of the Vietnamese Local Life
  • Life on the river
  • Great place for family days out
  • Good way to explore Mekong Delta
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Certainly something worthwhile doing when in Ho Chi Minh city just be aware the trip is around 2-3 hours each way depending on traffic

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