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Attraction Mabini St Malate, Manila Metro Manila Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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Malate Church (formally known as Our Lady of Remedies Parish Church) is a church in Manila. It is a Baroque-style church fronted by Plaza Rajah Sulayman and, ultimately, Manila Bay.

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Why Malate Church is special ?

Malate Church (formally known as Our Lady of Remedies Parish Church) is a church in Manila, Philippines. It is a Baroque-style church fronted by Plaza Rajah Sulayman and, ultimately, Manila Bay. The church is dedicated to Nuestra Señora de los Remedios ("Our Lady of Remedies"), the patroness of childbirth. A revered statue of the Virgin Mary in her role as Our Lady of Remedies was brought from Spain in 1624 and stands at the altar.

Malate used to be known as Maalat due to the saline waters of the bay; and as Laguio or Lagunoi, the name of the street which separated it from Ermita. Dating from the original construction, Malate Church is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. Although the present weathered church is only around 100 years old, its history goes back to the 16th century.


What to explore at Malate Church?

The façade of the present church of Malate is a good blending of Muslim and baroque architecture; the solid compact stone structure is enhanced by the cylindrical end buttresses, the few openings and the overall ornateness of the design. The three-story façade integrates with ingenuity the cylindrical end buttresses, hexagonal forms converted into belfries.

The church is a popular wedding venue primarily because of its architecture and its budget rates. Its historical background, the baroque style, the elegant and clean white-domed interiors marked with gold accents, the fountain at the Rajah Sulayman Park, and the famous Manila Bay sunset all make for good and picturesque photo opportunities.

The church may not be air conditioned, but the big church doors provide enough ventilation. However, with the church doors wide open during weddings, expect curious on-lookers as well as photographers who take pictures and sell them to the guests.


How to get to Malate Church?

If you will come from Luneta, a short walk through Roxas Boulevard southward would bring you to the place. From Gil Puyat LRT Station, one can just ride up to Quirino LRT Station then treat one’s self with a short walk through San Andres.


Selling points

  • Full of Character and History
  • Church that is alive serving people and with history
  • Historic preservation at its finest
  • One of the nice churches in Manila
  • Marvel at the beautiful image of Our Lady of Remedies
3  nice days in Manila with my family

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Mabini St Malate, Manila Metro Manila Philippines

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Tips for you

  • While in church, especially when the church becomes more crowded, you should keep your eyes on your belongings and beware of children who are trained to pick pockets.
    Personal belongings
  • If you are on edge about poverty or a female walking alone, it's better to take a taxi rather than walking.
  • If you are lucky, you will meet some local parishioners and talk with them about the church, you will be amazed at the cultural significance of this structure.
  • You should bot visit on Sunday. The weddings are usually held on this day and you'll not allowed to come inside.
  • The church is also surrounded by different restaurants which really caters to mass goers any time of the day.
    Things nearby
  • The parking area is small but it's enough to accommodate the parishioners or the church goers if you visit early.


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Amazingly friendly Irish priests who have lived and served in the country for most of their priesthood. They even speak fluent Tagalog!

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Help for the restoration of this Historical Church. I just did. I hope, we will still be together for more months and years. Malapit lang sa work.

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You must hear the word "Magandang" by the foreign priest! Cool! Haha God bless us all :)

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A very friendly Korean priest was our presider for the baptism of my grandchild Nala.

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Needs restoration...Let us help restore this church...It's one of the historical churches of metro manila...

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If you are interested in World War II history, church history & Cultural Heritage come visit this church which was destroyed by friendly fire during the Battle of Manila where 100,000 civilians lost their lives including many Columban"Irish" priests. study the pictorial history of the devastation& human tragedy from this 30 day battle from Feb.3- March 3 are from Life magazine & U.S Army photographers.the church history will amaze you! attend a mass held by the "Irish priests" who have been here 49+years.They give you a real perspective on life: not just a sermon. amen and may God bless your journey in the Phillipines rq

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a beautiful church, the walls seem to talk to you, but it looks rundown but worth a visit! Be careful of beggars around the church.

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With the scaffolding recently dismantled, the restored stonework on the Church's exterior now looks absolutely.Great to see the Catholic community maintaining such an historic Church with its deep historical and cultural ties to Philippines, notwithstanding its continuing consecrated use as a home for Jesus Christ and His many followers.

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We walked to the Aristocrat REstaurant, we thought it is close-by as w were told. it took us 20 to 30 minutes walking. It was worth the walk once you are already in the Restaurant. Waiters are so friendly. They still apply that standard

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Amazingly friendly Irish priests who have lived and served in the country for most of their priesthood. They even speak fluent Tagalog!

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