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Attraction Mae Sa Elephant Camp Mae Rim District Chiang Mai Published on: 08-06-2016

2 hours
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First-time visit
5.60 - 8.00 USD

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Mae Sa is a bit old fashioned in its attitudes toward elephant entertainment but it enjoys a good reputation for the general welfare of the herd.

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Why Maesa Elephant Camp is special ?

Having secured their names in the Guinness World Record, the elephants at the Mae Sa Elephant Camp are no ordinary beasts. Apart from going about their daily routine of bathing, eating, sleeping and just being domesticated elephants, these extremely intelligent animals have been trained to paint, play football, dance and perform a string of talent shows that will change the way you think about Thai elephants.

Mae Sa Elephant Camp has been around since 1976, as a conservation centre for domesticated elephants acquired from across the country. Once employed in the logging industry, these elephants found themselves ‘out of jobs’ once heavy machines were brought in to replace them and, as a result, ended up roaming the streets with their mahouts to beg for food. At Mae Sa Elephant Camp, these elephants again found their self-worth, whether as artists, entertainers, or just elephants. Here, you will witness their incredible talents as well as learn about their livelihood as domesticated elephants.

What to explore at Maesa Elephant Camp?

Surrounded by lush forest canopies, tucked away in the picturesque valley some 30km north of Chiang Mai, Mae Sa Elephant Camp is home to more than 70 domesticated elephants and their mahouts. Each day, the elephants undergo a routine of bathing in the river, feeding and performing a string of talent shows. You can also ride an elephant around the camp’s verdant grounds or learn about their nature from a permanent exhibit housed inside one of the elephant’s living quarters.

Apart from day visits, you can try out the basic mahout training course if you feel compelled to learn more deeply into the elephant’s nature. The course will teach you all about the animal’s biology, health requirements, body language, as well as basic training commands, painting, bathing, riding and general handling.Mae Sa Elephant Camp had been training its elephants to paint long before the Guinness World Records arrived on the scene. In fact, the idea of training domesticated elephants to paint was a novel concept, unheard of anywhere. In 2004, the camp made headline news after Ripley’s Believe It or Not (Thailand) awarded its prize “The Largest Painting by a Group of Elephants” to Mae Sa Elephant Camp for its 2.4m wide by 12m long painting by a herd of eight elephants. Entitled “Cold Wind, Swirling Mist, Charming Lanna,” the painting depicts Chiang Mai’s picturesque rural scenery in eight panels of canvas.

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  • What a great experience
  • Entertaining & fun trip
  • Very talented elephants
  • Fun and Educational Day with the Elephants
  • For a fantastic experience
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Mae Sa Elephant Camp Mae Rim District Chiang Mai

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Tips for you

  • Don't forget to bring sun protection and water.
    What to bring
  • If your kids are afraid of height, it's not a place for them
  • Price: shows adult/child 200/100B, ride for 2 people 800B
    Ticket and Pricing
  • If you have any health problem before the trip, inform your guide immediately.
  • You can also get to have an elephant ride or get a chance to shower with an elephant in the river nearby.
    Things to do
  • You can feed them bananas or sugar cane.
    Things to do


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My first time visiting to Elephant Camp & getting so close to an elephant. All their elephants are well trained, they can draw a painting & play football. Their shows are entertaining and elephant will make a lot funny actions. Whole area is clean although you might see some poo-poos on elephant walkway/path. Go to the elephant nursery and you will see baby elephant getting trained. You can get very close to the elephants around there and some elephants are roaming freely. You can also get to have an elephant ride or get a chance to shower with an elephant in the river nearby. (of course fee applicable & subject to timings)

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