Macau Tower

Attraction South Bay New Reclamation Area, Macau, China Published on: 10-10-2016

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Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre (Chinese: 澳門旅遊塔會展娛樂中心), also known as a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

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Why Macau Tower is special ?

If you have a chance to visit Macau, do not forget to go to Macau Tower, an important landmark of the city. It was designed by Gordon Moller, a famous architect of New Zealand. The construction was finished in December, 2001, at the 2nd year anniversary of Macau's return. It was the eighth highest tower in Asia and the tenth in the world by the year of its completion. Besides, it is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. It is such a charming place attracting more than 1 million people to visit in a year in different ways.

Macau Tower is 338 meters (about 1,108 feet) above the ground. The highest observation level is the Outdoor Observation Deck on Level 61, with a height of 223 meters (about 732 feet). Walking around the Observation Deck, You can have a panoramic view of the Peal River Delta, Macau Peninsula and Taipa, Coloane islands. The Observation Lounge is on Level 58. It is a fascinating place to see the sunrise in the morning or see the spectacular night-view of Macau. Looking down, you can see the East and west Mangyang Hill, Casino Lisboa and even the outlying island of Hong Kong in sunny days.


What to explore at Macau Tower?

Bungy Jump

The World's Highest Bungy Jump at Macau Tower will take its guests on a free fall at a speed of up to 200km/h for the ultimate extreme journey! Plunging from a platform 233m high, challengers will experience a 4-5 second freefall before stretching the 50 meter bungy cord nearly four times its unloaded length and rebounding at approximately 30 meters above the ground. Using a guide cable system, bungy jumpers will be able to safely experience a few rebounds before slowly landing onto a specially designed airbag.


Designed and operated by two of the world's greatest adventure master-minds, AJ Hackett and Waitomo Adventures, the SkyJump will take guests on a 20 second flight over the breathtaking cityscape of Macau from 233 m aboveground.

Unlike the free-falling Bungy Jump, SkyJump utilizes the technology of 'Fan Descenders' to let its guests fly through air at 75km/h, without rebounding or inverting, before decelerating to a comfortable landing speed upon reaching ground. Or you can try the Tandem SkyJump to enjoy the thrill with your beloved one!

Skywalk X

Very thrilling walk around the main outer rim of the tower, 233 meters above ground. Safety is guaranteed by a world-first overhead rail system.

Tower Climb

Conquer Macau's highest summit, at 338 meters, and stand at the top of the world's 10th tallest free-standing tower by climbing 100 meters up the mast's vertical ladders. The ascent and descent takes approximately 2 hours and is not for the unfit or faint-hearted. Maximum height exposure and best views of Macau guaranteed.


How to get to Macau Tower?

Take Bus 9A, 18 or 21 and get off at Macau Tower

Free shuttle bus offered by City of Dreams passes by the Tower.

Selling points

  • Safety with friendliness
  • Panoramic view
  • Coolest Adventure in Macau
  • Amazing Views and Adventure Sports at the Top
  • Exhilarating experience!
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South Bay New Reclamation Area, Macau, China

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Tips for you

  • There is an observation deck on the 58th floor, which looks awesome
    Things to do
  • A must try is the bungee jump - to tick off your must do's on your bucket list!
    Things to do
  • The attached building has some stores, restaurants and a nice bakery cafe
    Things to do
  • Hang around to watch the people dive off the side of the building.
    Things to do
  • You can watch the fireworks on the water side of the Tower
    What to see
  • The water promenade below offers some great photo opps
  • Lockers are available at the venue, so there is no need to worry about the belongings
  • You should get there before lunch to avoid the crowds
  • Make sure you pick a day with a clear skies to get the best view
  • It's a bit expensive compared to similar attractions in other towers


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The macau tower is the one among the tallest tower in the world. It as a glass flooring in its view area and u can see the mainlaind china as well as macau from there. Its nearly 65 floors high and a high speed lift takes u to the top in a minute. U can watch bungy jumps from the observation deck. The bungy jump is pricey as also the video for the bungy jump. There is a cafe in the observation deck and the ground floor of the tower has food courts and shopping outlets. The tower is is at the water edge in the Macau Bay.

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Breathtaking and panoramic views all around and a look down through the clear glass tiles on the floor of the observation deck can make you feel weak in the stomach, even if you are not acrophobic ! This tower is is at the water edge in the Macau Bay and this gives wonderful views of the sea, the vessels sailing around etc.... don't know if any of the other taller towers are so strategically located to give views of the sea and land around it ! Make sure you pick a day with a clear skies to get the best view, though the light can be too bright for the better part of the day for good photos. The world's highest Bungee jump at 233 meters, a Skywalk for the not so adventurous ones, while you can watch the Bungee jumpers and the Skywalkers from the observation deck. But the jump can set you back by a nice and tidy sum of almost US $ 450 and another US $ 100 for the GoPro video ... but still, the AJ Hackett center for the Bungee jump and the Skywalk are always busy ! The Bungee jumpers seemed to be having two diagonal wire harnesses also tied on to their waist in addition to the rope tied to their feet..... so, probably, you do not get that jerk when you hit the bottom of the drop... may be a much more comfortable damped and gradual descent for the last 10 meters ?? Don't know about this for sure though .... All said, the US$ 17 admission fee is worth it !

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Don't forget to go up at level 58 and 61 and take a snap on glass floor just like I did.

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