Lychee Bay Park

Attraction Li Zhi Wan Lu Liwan Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng China 510175 Published on: 18-09-2016

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Lychee Bay was built to be a summer resort in the early 206 AD (Han Dynasty), and gradually be well-known in South China areas. It’s a perfect combination of nature and artificial. In Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), it was ranked as one of the eight most famous scenic spots of Guangzhou.

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Why Lychee Bay Park is special ?

Special architecture: A grand feast of Architectural art in Guanxi (Liwan District, Guangzhou) Style:

Liangjia Ancestral Temple – Built in Ming Dynasty and exhibited with the history of Lychee Bay

Wenijing Antique Street – There are over 400 antique stores.

Wen Tower – With a height of 13.6 meters, built in Ming Dynasty, it stands together with a 157-year-old banyan tree.

Lonjin Bridge – Opposite to the Wen Tower, in accord to the Chinese tradition (A bridge and a tower built together)

Renwei Temple – Chinese architectural essemce

Unique Food: Lychee Bay has a unique cuisine that belongs to its own – Guanxi (Liwan District) Cuisine, similar to Yue (Guangdong Province) Cuisine. This style of cuisine is mainly famous for exquisite snacks. There is no word or picture can describe the taste. Only when you take a bite in person that will you know how delicious it is.

Pleasure boat – what makes your trip more convenient and comfortable.

Imagine this, soft wind blows along the river and you lazily sit or lie in the boat, enjoy tasty snacks and meanwhile appreciate the architectural art and local customs on the bank. Keen enjoyment!

What to explore at Lychee Bay Park?

1. Lychee Bay offers a wide range of delicious fruits and vegetables.

2. It is one of the eight attractions of Guangzhou Yangcheng (another name of Guangzhou)

3. There are many traditional shops selling anything from medicine to Buddha statues waiting for you to explore.

4. The lychees which produced by Lychee Bay was the emperor’s tribute and the present of foreigners which was gave by emperor in the ancient time.

5. The area features various bridges joining parks and walkways that are peppered with pavilions and Guangzhou’s trademark banyan trees, which make Lychee Bay a great place to visit any time of the year.

How to get to Lychee Bay Park?

1. Public Bus: You can get there by Public Bus No. 2, 8, 9, 22, 85.

Take 66 to Bantang Zonzhan and walk along Longjin Xilu. Then enter to Wenjin Antique City, 94, Fengyuanbei Lu.

Take 8, 55, 61, 66, 74, 226, 541 to Sangong and walk along Fengyuan Lu about 80 metres.

Take 85, 104, 107, 125, 128, 193, 196, 204, 233, 250, 260, 286, 55, 705, Tour 2 to Shiluji and walk along Zhongshan Balu about 130 meters. Walk to Enzhoubei Hengjie and turn right to Longjin Xilu. Take a walk about 40 meters.

Take 105, 123, 176, 208, 209, 236, 270, 275, 538, 71, 82, 9 to Ruyifan, walk along Duobaolu and walk to Fengyuanlu.

Take a walk for about 10 minutes you can see the Travel Advisory Service Center of Wenjin Antique City.

2. Subway: Get off at Exit D, Zhongshanbalu Terminal, Line 5.

Take Line 1 to Changshou Lu (Exit B) and walk to 9, Longjin Xilu.

Take Line 1 to Changshou Lu (Exit B) and then walk along Baoha Lu about 200 meters.

3. Private car is also a good choice.

Selling points

  • Quaint old canal through modern metropolis
  • Peace and tranquility in the heart of GZ
  • Good for family and kids
  • A tranquil park
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Li Zhi Wan Lu Liwan Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng China 510175

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Tips for you

  • Local products, including local olives pickled in licorice, wrapped in twists of paper.
  • Sai Kwan Cuisine With Sai Kwan culture and culinary techniques with the freshest local ingredients, Sai Kwan cuisine brings you some of the most unique and authentic Cantonese cuisine.
  • You should try the water-chestnut drinks
  • Tradition festival: Dragon Boat Festival
  • Lychee Bay is pretty beautiful, especially at night. It is more exotic after dark. You can spend a romantic night there.
  • Please collect the boat ticket before 30 minutes in advance.
  • Nearby place to see: Guangdong Museum of Art, Ji’nan University, Bright Filial Piety Temple (Guangxiao Si),….. Nearby place to Shop: Haizhu Square, China Plaza, Hengbao Plaza,….
    Things nearby
  • - Steaming hot bamboo – kneaded noodles accompanied by dumplings stuffed with pork and sweet prawns. - For a lighter repast, there are tarts with flaky crusts and a wobbling custard center, orpieces of water chestnut pudding either cut into squares or served from little pudding pots. - Double-skinned milkpuddings or gingered milk available atspecialist dessert shops. All are very nourishing and essential for a strong body and good skin.


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A real public park. It should be visited both at night and during the daytime. It's not a park to find peace, there is a park to experience the Chinese people and their hobbies. There is everything from singing, dancing, Thi Chi and games. The park is an experience of light and color at night. It is more exotic after darknes. But at daytime is more "alive", with a lots of activities. Possibility to rent boats to sail a trip on the lakes. Or take a boat trip with one of the larger boats with driver. A park we spent a lot of time in, it's big and should be experienced.

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