Lon Wa Buddhist Temple

Attraction Cabaguio Avenue Davao City, Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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Lon Wa Buddhist Temple is one of the biggest temple in the Philippines and probably the biggest in Mindanao. Renowned for its intricate architecture and interiors, this shrine is definitely one of the must visit attractions in Davao City. .

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Why Lon Wa Buddhist Temple is special ?

The Lon Wa Buddhist Temple also known as Long Hua Temple is the biggest Buddhist temple in Mindanao. A short stopover to this shrine is a worthwhile experience especially for those who are interested in the teachings of Buddhism or for those who simply want to marvel at the temple’s architecture and interiors. There are only few Buddhist temples in the Philippines and visiting one in a predominantly Muslim region was an opportunity that shouldnt be missed.

What to explore at Lon Wa Buddhist Temple?

Once you enter the grounds of the Longhua Temple, you will see a concrete statue of a smiling Buddha, sitting calmly, waiting to welcome visitors. There are a couple of lion statues near the stairs which probably guard the temples from evil spirits and the likes. The simplistic design of the building with green roofs and white/gray walls makes the temple more alluring and peaceful to those who visit it. A Bermuda garden with variety of flowering plants and palm trees surrounds the Longhua Temple. There is a wonderfully designed stones which acts as a walkway.

Monks and Nuns live on the Longhua Temple grounds. If you see one, just simply greet “Good Day Father/Sister” with a vow gesture and they will also greet you.

Unlike the Taoist Temple in Cebu, one can take pictures of the Gods inside the Longhua Temple. Sometimes you can catch Chinese students in Monk suit, practicing some songs and prayers for the Buddha. Words of wisdom can be found in print along the walls of the temples.

Examples of Buddhism Words of Wisdom

“Wisdom and afflictions are related like the palm and the back of the hand. Though both are on the same hand, the back of the hand is unable to hold things. But turn to the palm and the hands become omnipotent.”

“Whether poor or rich, of an honorable or lowly status, no one can avoid the suffering and afflictions of life.”

“If the mind is healthy the body will stay healthy. If the mind is not healthy, no medicine, tonic or food can help us.”

“Do not be afraid of heaven and hell. Heaven and hell are created by our mind and our actions. The only fear one should have is the deviation of the mind.”

Source: http://www.markmaranga.com/longhua-temple-in-davao/

How to get to Lon Wa Buddhist Temple?

Jeepneys with Route 10 labels or those with signboards going to Sasa or Cabagiuo pass by Longhua Temple. Many locals don’t know the exact location if you ask them for the direction of Longhua Temple or Lon Wa Buddhist Temple because it is better recognized as the Philippine Academy of Sakya, a Bhuddhist religion movement. The Longhua Temple is housed inside it.

The admission in Longhua Temple is free (or by donation). It is open from 7:30am to 4:30pm. A guard is usually on standby near the gate to assist you going inside the temple, study room/office and prayer room.

If you’re visiting Davao, don’t forget to visit Longhua Temple or Lon Wa Temple in Cabagiuo Avenue. Praying a general prayer to their Buddha can simply help you clear your mind from worries and stress.

Source: http://www.markmaranga.com/longhua-temple-in-davao/

Selling points

  • Rare attraction
  • A place for worship
  • Small buddhist temple”
  • Peaceful atmosphere
  • Beauty & tranquility
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Cabaguio Avenue Davao City, Philippines

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Tips for you

  • There's no entrance fee so you can take a tour inside anytime you want
    Ticket and Pricing
  • The temple can be easily reached by taking a cab to Cabaguio Avenue – an extension of Leon Garcia Street or riding a jeepney with the sign “Sasa”.
  • A guard is usually on standby near the gate to assist you going inside the temple, study room/office and prayer room.
  • You can light 3 joss sticks and wish for the best luck for you and your whole family
  • Praying a general prayer to their Buddha can simply help you clear your mind from worries and stress.
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The Temple is a rare attraction you won't see often in other places. It is located in Cabaguio St., just ask the jeepneys or tricycle to get you there. There is on duty guard to welcome you and brief the relevance of this place. Entering the temple is the Buddha with koi fish in the pond. Inside is the large Buddha and depending on your visit you may see Buddhist (or whatever) chanting and doing their rituals. There are also place like prayer room in a counterpart of Catholic as adoration chapel where they lay and lit incense to a god I think is Shiva. There is also store for Buddhist charms and bracelets.Very unique experience. The fee is free or you can donate a minimal amount.

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They are renovating when we came but its still fun to see these kinds of temple. It feels like you are really in their country experiencing their culture and history. You can only go to the shrine and up to the second floor. Remember to remove your shoes or slippers. Visiting the temple is free so kindly give something if you can, plus the security guard is very accommodating.

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I felt at peace here. such beauty & tranquility. The guard was really helpful although he preferred to speak with my wife rather than in English BUT I just soaked in the atmosphere & serenity.

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We were greeted by the guard who toured us around, telling us where the altars are, where we can take pictures. The main altar was spacious and has shakyamuni buddha. There's a smaller altar on the 2nd floor where you can light some incense. Materials for divination are here as well. There's also a small shop where you can buy amulets, small statues, prayer beads etc. this is place for worship so proper etiquette must be observed. The atmosphere was peaceful and the tenants were friendly.

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