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Lolei (Khmer: ប្រាសាទលលៃ) is the northernmost temple of the Roluos group of three late 9th century Hindu temples at Angkor, Cambodia, the others members of which are Preah Ko and the Bakong.

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Why Lolei is special ?

Ruins of an island-temple built in the middle of a now dry baray, Indratataka, the first large-scale baray constructed by a Khmer king. Lolei consists of four brick towers on a double laterite platform. It was the last major temple built at Roluos before Yasovarman I moved the capital to the Angkor area. Though the towers are in poor condition, there are some lintel carvings in very good condition displaying the distinctively detailed Preah Ko style. An active pagoda has been built amongst the ruins. Of the Roluos Group ruins, allocate the least time Lolei. See ‘Roluos Group’ and ‘Barays’.

What to explore at Lolei?

The layout consists of two tiers with laterite enclosing walls and stairway to the upper level in the center of each side. Lions on the landings of the stairways guard the temple. A sandstone channel in the shape of a cross situated in the center of the four towers on the upper terrace is an unusual feature, the channels extend in the cardinal directions from a square pedestal for a linga. It is speculated the holy water poured over the linga flowed in the channels.

Four brick tower with tiered upper portions, arranged in two rows, on the upper terrace make up the Central Sanctuaries. As the two-north towers are aligned on the east-west axis, it is possible the original plan had six towers, which probably shared a common base like that at Preah Ko.

The northeast tower is the best preserved. The entrances of the doors to the towers are cut from a single block of stone, as at Bakong. The corners of the towers on the east are decorated with male guardians holding tridents and those of the west with female divinities holding flywhisks. They are sculpted in sandstone with a brick casing. The panels of the false doors have multiple figures. The inscriptions on the doorframes are exceptionally fine.


How to get to Lolei?

This temple is 14km away from Siem Reap. Tuk tuk is the best transport to get there. Lolei is on the left highway 6 across a baray for 400m to the island of Lolei and this side road is a large tree covered avenue.

Selling points

  • Small temple - worth a quick visit
  • Still remains its original look
  • A tranquil area
  • A remote temple
  • For a quick break
3 days with friends in Siem Reap

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Lolei Prasat Bakong Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • Beware of the ants during certain seasons near the top of the entrance steps.
  • There is a stall selling crafts produced by the students here.
  • You can be asked to donate for the local school but if you don't want to donate you can pass by them.
  • You can visit the school where the monk teach some of students. It's well worth a visit.
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This was one of my favourite groupe of temples the temples were built close together Our guide told us that the King had built Lolei for his ancestors one for his Grandmother one for his Grandfather and one each for his own Mother and Father the front two for the male members of the family and those at the rear for the female members What I loved about these buildings was the intricate carvings on the walls they were still clearly visible it was only a small area to visit compared to other temples we had visited on this trip but well worth the time

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