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Lagenda Park offers a romantic pathway with arching tree line from both sides, several sculptures and statues and beautiful landscapes.

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Why Legenda Park is special ?

Lagenda Park (or Taman Lagenda as known in Malay) stands for the Park of Legends. Indeed this beautiful parkland spreading over 20 hectares of area has been themed on folklore and myths from the prehistoric era to the modern times of Langkawi.

The park was first opened in April 1996 and is located next to Eagle Square in Kuah. The whole idea behind creating such a park is to offer a recreational parkland to the residents and tourists who can come here to enjoy vast stretch of landscaped gardens with many fruit trees and plants that are local to the island, have a family picnic and learn the many legends of the island that are now intertwined with so many tourist attractions and places.

The entrance to the park is through a Gondowana stone wall. Gondowana (also known as Gondowanland) was the ancient southern super-continent that eventually broke up into South America, Africa, Arabia, Madagascar, India, Australia, and Antarctica millions of years ago due to plate tectonic movement of the earth. The wall signifies that the islands of Langkawi were also formed due to such earth movement.

Source: http://www.langkawi-insight.com/

What to explore at Legenda Park?

A visit to Langkawi will be incomplete if you do not visit Taman Legenda (Legend Park). Here at this park, you can learn about all the legends that made up the character of the mystical Langkawi.

The 50 acre park consists of 17 monuments, each with a story to tell, amidst scenic gardens of various flowers and plants. There is also 4 artificial lakes and a beach forming a fitting backdrop for buildings that house Langkawi’s rich heritage.

The park was built at the cost of MYR37 million on reclaimed land and was officially opened on April 27th 1996. Inside the park, you will get splendid specimens of traditional Malay handicraft and cultural artworks. It is located 400 meters from the Kuah Jetty and is within easy reach from the town centre.

Taman Legenda is one of the best places to visit if you want to have a quick overview of Langkawi’s history.

For example, one of the many interesting legends that explain how Langkawi town derived its name “Kuah” (Malay for Gravy) is the legend of Mat Raya and Mat Cincang. Legends speak of these two formidable warriors having a duel, which resulted in the formation of several landmarks around the island like Gunung Raya and Gunung Mat Cincang. Kuah is said to be formed when the two warriors, while fighting overturned a bowl of gravy.

Other lesser known legends of Langkawi depicted in Taman Legenda include the legend of Pandak Mayah's spear, the legend of Pulau Hantu (Ghost Island) and the legend of the Mermaid's Golden Ball.

Apart from being able to learn about the rich heritage of Langkaw Island, this superbly maintained park is also an ideal place to go for a stroll and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of what Langkawi has to offer. The locals here also regard the well-maintained Taman Legenda as one of their favorite picnic spots on the island. But if you find walking too tiring, it is also possible to hire a buggy to explore the park.

Source: http://www.malaysia-travel-guide.com/

How to get to Legenda Park?

Located at Kuah and next to the Kuah Jetty or Eagle Square. From Jetty point, Lagenda Park is about 400 meters away towards the town and will take about 10 minutes by walk. You can come to the park by taking a taxi from any place in Langkawi. If you are driving your own private or rental car, then you will need to park it at the car parking near the Kuah Jetty. There is no car park right in front of Lagenda Park.

Source: http://www.langkawi-insight.com/

Selling points

  • Good to understand the legends
  • General formal and informal landscape design
  • A nice stroll down the park
  • View of the lights at night is Good
  • Well maintained sculpture park
A Nice 4 Days Trip with Family to Langkawi

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Tips for you

  • Lagenda Park is a 2-minute walk from Kuah Jetty . Any bus headed to Kuah, the waterfront or the Al Hana Mosque will take you there.
  • You should go for a stroll in this park and really look for all the sculptures.
    Things to do
  • As you walk in along the paved way, soon you will come to the romantic pathway that bisects the park through the middle and goes through arching trees from both sides.
    Things to do
  • There are no facilities in Lagenda Park like toilets etc.
  • On the wall you will see a large map of Langkawi with many of its 99 islands shown.
    What to see
  • If you are driving your own private or rental car, then you will need to park it at the car parking near the Kuah Jetty. There is no car park right in front of Lagenda Park.
  • This park is near to Eagle Square (Langkawi's most significant landmark).
    Things nearby
  • Kids will be delighted by the displays and there is plenty of room to run around or have a picnic.
    What to know


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Kuah town is somewhat uninspiring but along the foreshore is a theme park that is worth a visit. Located adjacent to Kuah jetty where the famous Eagle Square is also a sound stopping point. Unfortunately the park has seen better days as maintenance is well overdue but the fundamentals of history, folklore and fables are still apparent to be enjoyed. This park would have been a marvellous piece of work in its heyday and I would hope that one day it is restored. The area is relaxing and a pleasant respite from the balmy weather. Langkawi Fair shopping centre is directly opposite so 3three attractions can be covered off very easily before hitting the duty frees.)

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