Lang Rongrian Cave

Attraction Krabi 1016 Rural Rd., Mueang Krabi, Krabi, Ao Nang, Thailand Published on: 03-07-2016

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Lang Rongrien cave shows you the vestiges of the past and archaeological artifacts and human skeletons that were 37,000+ years old in Thailand.

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Why Lang Rongrian Cave is special ?

Lang Rongrian Cave is a burial site and skeletons from 37,000-40,000 years old were found along with pottery, shells, and other artifacts. This time period was known as the Pleistocene era. These were the oldest skeletons (and other artifacts) found in southern Thailand.

These findings are believed to be some of the oldest human remains discovered in Thailand. Other interesting objects of antiquity have been unearthed as well, such as shells, pottery, and an assortment of other things. When you get here, you will be greeted by kids who make their pocket money by showing tourists the cave.

A little ways north of the town of Krabi in Thailand, you will discover an archeological site of wonder and enchantment, Lang Rongrian Cave, a smallish limestone cave.

What to explore at Lang Rongrian Cave?

Lang Rongrian cave is a small limestone cave located behind a small primary school (Ban Thap Plak) just north of Krabi town. If you go on the weekend or a day when the children don’t have classes you might be met by a couple kids that want to show you around the Rongrian cave.

It’s possible to climb up into the cave in a couple places – and supposedly the locals left some bones deep in the cave for the tourists to see.

It’s fun to walk around the cave and take some photos.


How to get to Lang Rongrian Cave?

Coming from Krabi town and going toward the mountains where you might see Wat Tum Sua up at the top of the mountain you will reach a red light which is the intersection with Highway 4. Turn right and look for signs on your left side for Huay To or Huay Toh waterfall because this cave is on the same road, though much closer than the waterfall. Go about 4 km (or so) and look for a small school on the left side – you’ll also notice that the limestone hills are getting close to the road at this point… There are numerous signs for the cave – take the first left at the first sign, not the 2nd sign that appears to point right into the road that leads into the primary school.


Selling points

  • Really value to visit
  • Amazing experience
  • Where you see the past of history in Ao Nang
  • One of nice cave to visit
  • Best place for your weekend
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Krabi 1016 Rural Rd., Mueang Krabi, Krabi, Ao Nang, Thailand

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