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Attraction Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong Published on: 05-08-2016

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Lan Kwai Fong is located between Wyndham Street and D'Aguilar Street. This Central hot spot is famous for its night scene, bar streets, restaurants spreading in narrow L-shaped lane.

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Why Lan Kwai Fong is special ?

Lan Kwai Fong is one of Hong Kong’s most popular nightlife hot spots and home to over 90 restaurants and bars. The atmosphere ranges from stylish wine pairings to raucous jelly shots and the food on offer is as diverse as the clientele.

Thanks to Hong Kong’s dominance in Asian cinema, this centre of late-night revelry is so renowned that its official street sign is more photographed than many of the celebrities who haunt its clubs. Mostly, the area is crowded with people from the surrounding offices of Central, eager to shake off the working day or week. Get in the thick of it with a street side perch, or watch the antics on the road below from one of the upper floors.

Lan Kwai Fong usually hosts carnivals and other celebrations during major festivals, such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year and has its own beer festival.


What to explore at Lan Kwai Fong?

Generally speaking, an evening here is divided into two parts: Happy Hour and Spree Hour. Happy Hour is for white collars from 17:00 to 21:00. To lure them, most bars offer promotions, such as buy one and get one free for drinks and half price for food. Spree Hour starts at 22:00 when many university students and foreigners join the group. Although it is a place mostly for white collars, it is not an expensive place to hang out. A glass of beer costs about HK$40 to HK$50, which is half price during Happy Hour. Fees are paid for the service, however, in most cases paid with service charges and tips.

The bars have simple décor, a bar, bar stools, and a bar cabinet with all kinds of beer and drinks. Wing Wah Lane is a gourmet street with many foreign cuisines, such as the Japan style sheet iron fever, Indian curry rice, and gourmet food from Malaysia and Thailand. English has historically been the social language of this district, yet with more and more mainland visitors, some bar waitresses have started to speak mandarin.

When New Year's Eve, Christmas and other grand occasions come, Lan Kwai Fong holds activities along the streets, such as game stalls, competitions, and entertainment performances. People also flock to this street to count down to a special moment. During All Saints' Day, people in Lan Kwai Fong disguise themselves as ghosts, horses, angels, devils and mummies. Visitors should not miss it if they come during the festival.


How to get to Lan Kwai Fong?

By MTR: Exit from D1 of Central, turn right to Pedder Street and walk until you reach Queen's Road Central, turn left when you get to D'Aguilar Street, walk straight along D'Aguilar Street and you will reach Lan Kwai Fong. It takes 10 minutes or so to walk. (Note that the MTR generally runs to half past 12 at night and starts at half past 5 in the morning, so visitors have to take a taxi if they stay too late.)

By Bus: 12M, 13, 23A and 40M; green special line bus 10A and minibus 10B.

From the Peak: Take the peak tram down the hill and get on 15C at peak tram terminus. Alternately, take minibus line 1 at the square of the peak, (the road is bumpy) and then walk about 10 minutes from the Central bus station.

From Disneyland: take MTR to Hong Kong, and exit from D1.

Selling points

  • Full of bars and restaurants
  • Good place to go out for party's
  • Busy nightlife, but typically western
  • Hong Kong's night life experience
  • Party all the night
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Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong

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Tips for you

  • Each bottle of the beer cost HK$40 to HK$50 generally, but the cocktails favored by many women may range from HK$70 to HK$150.
  • Some bars may charge an admission fee, ranging from HK$150 to HK$400, so ask about the charges before going into any one of the bars.
  • You should go early to get a street side seating and the happy hour discounts
    What to bring
  • Even if you dont drink, just give a visit during late night to experience the night life in HK
    What to bring
  • The best time to view its energy is on Friday and Saturday nights, when it is most crowded with people looking for entertainment.
  • It is advised for visitors to get there after 18:00 and stay until the next morning.
  • Transport: MTR Central Station Exit D2, walk along Theatre Lane, and up D'Aguilar Street.
  • Some bars also have Ladies' Night, when ladies get free admission or a free drink.


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Get ur drinks at the 7-11

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For everything you need to know about Lan Kwai Fong:

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The party capital of Hong Kong. A must visit place on a weekend.

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Food and Entertainment area of Hong Kong. Gets loud and crowded on the evenings. Try Le Jardin for a chilled out pace.

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Every friday weekend,the bar is many people comeTo. Relex or drink beer

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A street which can let u experience Hong Kong's night life. Full of bars and restaurants in the street. Very good feel after 9pm, foreign friends would definitely love this place!

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Every time I visit Hong Kong, I see to it that I visit Lan Kwai Fong. There are plenty of high end shops, bars, restaurants that cater both for the Asian and Western population. I notice that there are a lot of ex pats (British and Aussies alike) around the area. Once in a while, I surprise myself after a good find from any of the stores located in the alley ways. Night life in Lan Kwai Fong is a worthwhile experience and therefore highly recommended (that's if you enjoy hanging out in the bars for a cold drink or two at night) I recommend wearing comfortable shoes if you want to see a lot of shops as the roads are undulating at most times. You may find it difficult to catch a cab here so the best way to travel around and Hong Kong in general is through their extremely efficient Metro service.

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The words "Happy Hour" and "Free Flow" are often mentioned here because Lan Kwai Fong is the most happening entertainment district in Hong Kong

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