Laem Phromthep Viewpoint

Attraction Tambon Rawai, Amphoe Mueang, Phuket, thailand Published on: 26-06-2016

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Laem Phromthep is one of the most important and popular places in Phuket. There is a saying that you have not been to Phuket unless you visit Laem Phromthep.

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Why Laem Phromthep Viewpoint is special ?

Many people must have heard of the name “Phromthep Cave” (or LaemPhromthep) both from radio or from television. It is a strikingly excellent viewpoint located in the southernmost part of Phuket. Villagers call it “Laem Chao”(or Chao Cape). Phromthep cape is 2 kilometers away from Hat Rawai beach. It receives wide popularity among Thai and foreign visitors. During the dusk, trekkers will come to see the sunset before the golden horizon fades away with the giant sun. Especially, the place will be more crowded with tourists during the end of December to the end of March.


What to explore at Laem Phromthep Viewpoint?

In one direction you'll see the dramatic cape jutting into the sea, and in the other direction there are fantastic views of Nai Harn Beach and Le Royal Phuket Yacht Club. Beyond the cape, you can see Koh Kaeo and in the distance are the Koh Racha islands. Promthep Cape Viewpoint is certainly one of Phuket's best spots for snapping photos and attracts a lot of visitors at sunset.

A visit to Promthep Cape Viewpoint is often combined with a trip to Wat Chalong and Rawai Beach. If you are coming from Wat Chalong, travel along the coast road to Chalong junction and then on to Rawai Beach. From Rawai Beach turn right and go south for about 2 kilometers to get to Promthep Cape Viewpoint.

Selling points

  • Beautiful views at sunset
  • Best natural part of Phuket
  • Definitely a must do thing if you visit Phuket
  • The best place to watch Sunset
  • A view to die for
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Tambon Rawai, Amphoe Mueang, Phuket, thailand

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Tips for you

  • There are have small souvenir shops on the other side. The prices in the shops are much higher then the vendors expect you to pay, so be sure to haggle
  • No need to bring foods or snacks if you want. There are have some Thai local restaurant with really good prices
  • Should go at least an hour early before the crowd get in. Note that you need to arrive before the sun sets, as it goes down quickly and you can easily miss it by only a couple of minutes. Take lots of mosquito repellant at night
  • If you want to get away from the crowds and aren’t afraid of a little exercise, head on down to the south end of the viewpoint. If you keep driving for another 50 - 80 meters from the parking, there is a hidden spot on your left hand side. Just drive up a little bit and you will see a really beautiful view from there.
  • You will notice an opening in the wall with stairs leading down. If you follow the path at the bottom of these stairs, you will be taken on a windy dirt path to the southern most tip of Phuket island. It can be quite a hike and in certain places the path is quite slippery with sand, so be careful. Be sure to head on back before it gets too dark or you may have trouble navigating the path
  • If you hire a motorbike, make sure you have international driving licence. If not, you need to pay 500 bath when police caught you.
  • Do not come here during the monsoon season, there will be distant clouds on the horizon, obscuring the sunset.
  • The best time to come is around 5-6 pm where you can see the sunset with open ocean view from the edge of the hill
  • You are free to go in and out of the lighthouse as you please, try climbing up inside for a better view then you would outside
  • Parking lot is free and easy to find


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If you’re holidaying in Phuket try to make the effort to visit Phromthep Cape, the southernmost point of Phuket. It is not far from Rawai Beach and the best time to come is just before sunset. The views really are amazing and the sunsets can vary but are worth the effort. It can get quite crowded at times, lots of buses, but you should still be able to find a good viewing spot. It also appears to be a very popular spot for wedding photos. We were staying at Rawai Beach so we visited here about 3 times at sunset, one of those nights we made the trek down the hill to walk right out to the point, just to say we’d done it really, it is a not an easy track to get down, quite rocky and uneven, I can’t say the view was any better from down there, probably not, but give it a go if you want to say you have stood at the most southern part of Phuket.

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