Kuang Si Falls Butterfly Park

Attraction Kouangxi Water Fall Louangphabang Laos Published on: 30-11-2019

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Kuang Si Butterfly Park is a project that was initiated in January 2014 from 2 Dutch passionate people from Holland, situated 300m before the entry of the Kuang Si Waterfall.

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Why Kuang Si Falls Butterfly Park is special ?

The park was founded and is run by a Dutch couple, Olaf and Ineke, who came to Laos for a break on the recommendation of a friend a few years ago, never anticipating that they would end up back here. Back in Holland, Olaf was an art director and Ineke an art therapist - but they had a vision to work closer to nature. After considering a move to set up in South America, their hearts brought them back to Luang Prabang and the Butterfly Park idea was born. The area around Kuang Si naturally attracts hosts of beautiful butterflies, so it was the perfect spot to embark on their project. Olaf drew up designs and, working with craftsmen from the local village, the park was created and landscaped with plants brought in from all across Laos.

The center is looking for entomologists and botanists to help and develop the center. The Butterfly Park is open for schools to raise awareness about the beautiful and vulnerable nature in Laos, will provide them with learning materials to educate and understand the importance to preserve their beautiful nature for their health, happiness and financial security in the future.

The park is not just for tourists - Olaf and Ineke are very keen for the park to be as much for visitors as for the local people - with sponsored programmes for free transportation, meals and entrance for schoolchildren to encourage local interest and foster a greater appreciation and understanding of Lao nature by revealing the magical world of the butterflies. The park also has an eco-toilet and uses water from the waterfall, which runs alongside the park, for all the bathroom facilities.

Source: falangprabang.com

What to explore at Kuang Si Falls Butterfly Park?

From the entrance, follow the path through the well-designed, pretty gardens and pause to admire the streams. Eventually you will reach a netted garden full of interesting, beautiful butterflies.

From the entrance, follow the path through the well-designed, pretty gardens and pause to admire the streams. Eventually you will reach a netted garden full of interesting, beautiful butterflies.

Various feeder stations have been set up where the fluttery insects flock and allow for a close-up. A fun au naturel “fish spa” has also been set up. Dip your piggies and let fishies nip at your skin.

The park’s well-kept paths are ideal for wandering, and quaint wooden bridges over the water prove perfect for capturing idyllic shots of the falls. Travelers can pack a picnic or grab traditional fare from the nearby tuk tuk rink before venturing to the top of Kuang Si. The site also includes a bear rescue center and the Kuang Si Falls Butterfly Park, both of which are also worthy of a visit.

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Selling points

  • Butterfly enclosure
  • Tranquil Experience
  • A nature lovers hidden gem
  • ncredible view and good adventure.
  • The Butterfly experience
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Kouangxi Water Fall Louangphabang Laos

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Tips for you

  • Comfort clothes
    What to wear
  • Make sure you come to meander through the park; don't hurry, just enjoy its tranquility.
  • It's Closed on Tuesday
  • A nice little café on the pound can finish the visit, for having a good coffee, delicious baguette in a beautiful surrounding.
    Things nearby
  • It’s worth the visit if you are already at the waterfalls, one of Luang Prabang’s top tourist attractions.
    Things nearby
  • Entrance fees (includes 15 minutes guided tour): Visitors - 30,000 Kip Lao citizens - 20,000 Kip Students - 15,000 Kip Lao children - 10,000 Kip
  • Dutch coffee is extra good too.
  • Nearby the Kuang Si waterfall.
  • It's 300 meters before entrance to Kuang Si Waterfalls, Luang Prabang, Lào


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My boyfriend and I got a tuk tuk from the town center around 8:40am and arrived at the butterfly park around 9:15, before it officially opened at 10. The owners didn't mind at all, and even stopped eating breakfast to admit us and give us a quick briefing. They also provided us with an informational guidebook that we could use to navigate around. We got to watch one of the workers put out breakfast for the butterflies (sponges full of yummy juices with flowers sticking out of them), and had many opportunities for uninterrupted photo shoots. The orchids weren't blooming since it was too hot, and the cactus garden wasn't overwhelming, but we were there to see butterflies, and that we did. They didn't swarm all over us like in some photos, but they were fluttering around and we got a chance to see several different species. I liked the caterpillars and their cocoons the best. Keep an eye out as you're walking around because they are hidden in lots of the plants. We were lucky to have the place to ourselves, and got a personal tour from one of the volunteers. She was there doing a workaway and had some interesting facts about the insects. She also knew where a lot of the caterpillars and cocoons were so she pointed them out to us as we walked around. I think the entrance fee was 30,000K for one person, but I can't quite remember. We paid the tuk tuk driver 200,000K for a round trip to the butterfly park and waterfall, and had him from 8:40am to about 1:20pm. Our hotel owner told us that was a good deal, I trusted him. If you're headed to the waterfall, you should definitely take the time to support this excellent little butterfly paradise.

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