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Attraction Jl. Taman Stasiun Kota 1, Jakarta, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Jakarta Kota Station serve as one of main station to several intercity train line (Argo Train) from/to across Java Island

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Why Kota Station is special ?

Jakarta Kota Station is the terminal train station, located in the old city area of Jakarta, known as Kota.

The station was built around 1870 and it was then renovated re-opened in 1926. It was officially inaugurated on October 8, 1929, by the Dutch Governor-General, A.C.D. de Graeff. Apparently, the station was appointed as a historical and cultural landmark in 1993.

The Dutch originally named the station as the Batavia Zuid ( meaning South Batavia), a name that was used until the end of the 19th century. More colloquially the station was also known as the Beos Station; an abbreviation from the Bataviasche Ooster Spoorweg Maatschapij or the Batavian Eastern Railway Company.

The primary designer of the station was the Dutch architect Frans Johan Louwrens Ghijsels (born September 8, 1882). The design of the station is a combination of Western Art Deco and local architecture styles. There is a large, cool hall inside where it is possible to watch the trains come and go while having a cool drink. (toilets as well, for those in need).

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What to explore at Kota Station?

Jakarta Kota Station has the largest railways and platform in Indonesia. There are 12 platforms and 12 railways. This station is an objects of historical heritage through the Minister of Culture Decree No. PM.13/PW.007/MKP/05 dated 25 April 2005. There are several televisions which provide information and schedules Commuter Line. The announcement of the departure and arrival information Commuter Line also delivered through a loudspeaker in the Indonesian language. On platform 1 and 12 there are a lot of fast food counters, convenience stores, coffee shops, food courts, public toilets and mosque, and ATM. While in the Main Hall you will find a bank, fast food restaurant, ATM, coffee shop, and Office of the station. There is a waiting room with comfortable seating and there is a special customer service in the waiting room. At the South Entrance ticket counter and there were seven counter that sells tickets, the Commuter Line ticket can be found at 14 – 18 counter. Before entering the southern entrance you will find a map of the old town of Jakarta which explain direction of Fatahillah Museum, Museum of Ceramics, Puppet Museum, the Museum of Bank of Indonesia,Museum of Bank Mandiri, and Fatahillah Park. While at the northern entrance there railbox (self-service ticketing machine), 8 ticket counter and Commuter Line tickets are available at the Counter 1-3.

Source: http://jakartabytrain.com/

How to get to Kota Station?

To visit Jakarta Kota Station (BEOS) you can use personal vehicle or taxi. Alternatively you can also ride TransJakarta Busway from first corridor, which lane is from Blok M to Kota Tua. Kota Busway Station is the last station of the first corridor’s Busway. Jakarta Kota Station is just at the cross side of Kota Busway Station.

Source: http://jakartabytrain.com/

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  • “Old fashion environment”
  • “Historical Train Station, must visit”
  • “In the Heart of Old Town!”
  • “Historical spot and building”
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Jl. Taman Stasiun Kota 1, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • There are some convenience store and cafe/kiosk
  • There’re still many other interesting places near Jakarta Kota Station: Bank Mandiri Museum, Bank Indonesia Museum, Jakarta History Museum, Wayang Museum, Fine Art and Ceramic Museum, Maritime Museum, Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Kota Intan Bridge, Syahbandar Tower, Batavia Café, and Batavia Hotel. Glodok area which is known as the China Town of Jakarta is only 1 km away from Jakarta Kota Station.
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Yes, this is one of many iconic building in Jakarta. Fast access to go everywhere rather than other transportation. Rapid transport system slowly built in Jakarta but the most problem is a culture of passengers especially for cleanliness. Spitting everywhere easily and throw trash out of place.

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The new building was built in 1929 under Dutch colonialism era. The architecture itself has some of European influence and local styles which is unique for train station in Jakarta. The station serves long haul train to some cities in Java and commuter line service to Jakarta satellite area. Technically, the location of this station is strategic and near the Jakarta Old Town, TransJakarta terminal, and Mangga Dua. Every time I visited this station, it's always crowded and sometimes it made me feel uncomfortable. The point is, this station is more than just a station because when you visit it, you can enjoy some historical thing in this place.

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This is one of the main train stations in Jakarta. It is bustling, noisy, crowded and could be intimidating. Trains run from here to many parts of the country e.g.: Bogor, Cirebon, Bandung etc. It does have some interesting architecture though as it is from the colonial era and was built by the Dutch. Worth a visit.

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i wouldn't have thought a place like this still survives in our time! its really impressive old station just like what you would've imagined in Europe's 1930s!

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