Kok Chang Elephant Trekking Safari

Attraction 287 Moo 2 Sai Yuan Road, Kata Beach, Karon, Phuket 83100, Thailand Published on: 26-06-2016

1 hours 30 mins
08:30 AM - 06:30 PM
08:30 AM
10:00 AM
First-time visit
17.00 USD

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Kok Chang Elephant Trekking Safari in set on a beautiful ocean viewpoint where the dense tropical jungle overlooks Kata Noi Bay.

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Why Kok Chang Elephant Trekking Safari is special ?

Kok Chang Elephant Trekking Safari offers various jungle routes riding on these Majestic animals from 20 minutes, or to the summit on 30 minute and 1 hour treks. Fully trained and experienced guide handlers will take you and your family through the dense tropical forest along paths and trails from the southwest corner of the beautiful Phuket island stopping at scenic beauty for photographs along the way. Get lucky and sit on the elephants neck.

Source: http://www.kokchangsafari.com/

How to get to Kok Chang Elephant Trekking Safari?

Kok Chang Elephant Trekking Safari is located on a beautiful Ocean Viewpoint, just 15 minutes from Patong Beach, 10 Minutes from Karon, 5 minutes from Kata and 10 minutes from Nai Harn, Rawai.

Selling points

  • Nice ride with spectacular view
  • Beautiful place and good treatment
  • Nice day activity for all group travelers
  • Great experience with amazing staff to help you
  • Fantastic thing to do, great guides, friendly staff
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287 Moo 2 Sai Yuan Road, Kata Beach, Karon, Phuket 83100, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • You should stop by the banana kiosk to observe and feed the Elephants, there is no charge. This is a great photo opportunity and you can even touch the elephants trunk.
    Things to do
  • Kok Chang Elephant Trekking Safari offers transfer service and can pick you up anytime that is convenient for you, pick ups start at 8:30am..


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Booked this adventure via phone after checking into our hotel. Our hotel was very close to them so they picked us up and dropped us off afterwards at no charge. Our safari guy spoke English well enough that we had no problems understanding him. He took LOTS of photos for us with our phones and asked us to check it...if we didn't like it he'd take some more. View of the beach was great, riding through the forest was great, spending some time afterwards/before the safari to feed and touch the elephants were great (you can purchase food to feed them), our photos turned out great. Affordable for a quick visit (1-2 hours of your time if you're on the west side of Phuket). They will ask you to leave a "tip" at the end to help take care of the elephants, but they leave how much you want to leave up to you. I had read reviews prior to deciding to go on this. I am familiar and have worked with larger animals in captivity as part of my career. Needless to say, yes these elephants are restrained by one foot via a chain to a pole. I'm sure the company does it to keep their animals contained and safe (and people safe), as the area is close to tourist restaurants and attractions and the road. I cannot say whether or not they're like this 24 hours a day but I did notice that they had a HUGE white board tracking which elephant has been on a trek how many times that day. So it seems like they have a good system of rotating their elephants around allowing them time to rest between treks. During the first part of your trek, you'll pass other elephants still restrained by one foot. They could move around and had heaps of food and access to water and were in a covered area. The elephants didn't look too thin, none were overweight, and their toes looked to be in good condition. I didn't notice any "enclosed areas" where an elephant may be kept completely free from chain restraint, but there is a huge jungle right there so it may be hidden from tourists eyes, or it may not be.

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What an amazing experience! Book ahead through their website. They promptly pick you up at your hotel, and will wait to take you back. The time on the elephant ride was close to an hour and well worth it. We went half way up the mountain, took some amazing photos, and then headed back down. About half way back down our guide got off and took pictures of us. We took turns riding on the elephants neck/head. Truly amazing. After we got back to where we started he bathed our elephant, and then we fed her. You can either place your bananas in their trunk or directly in their mouth. Definitely worth the time to go here and so great to spend time with these amazing animals. Would totally visit again, although maybe just to feed them and pet them.

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