Koi Kei Bakery

Restaurant Koikei Bakery, Calcada Barra, No.23A, B, C, Fase B, Rc-Crc, Macau Macau Published on: 10-10-2016

10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
2.50 - 6.26 USD

Koi Kei Bakery is good for

Good for family with kids Family with kids Good
Good for senior Senior Good
Good for couple Couple Good
Good for solo Solo Good
Good for group Group Good
  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Koi Kei is a popular bakery in Macau. The bakery has a wide variety of products for reasonable prices and it's usually busy during the day.

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Why Koi Kei Bakery is special ?

This bakery has many branches here. It offers free samples for their patrons to try. You also can try all these as one journeyed through Sendro Square and get full. The quality of its ingredients is also fresh and good. This is especially so for its peanut candy

You should try its famous such as: Koi Kei Almond Cookies , egg tart and candies

Selling points

  • Most innovative Almond Nougat Candy - Fusion Portuguese Macau style
  • Great place to buy gifts for friends and family
  • Not a snacker but love the snacks there!
  • Koi Kei bakery serves great fluffy cakes and probably mooncakes from Macau.
  • Agree, this is the best bakery in the world


  • Noise level Normal
  • Budget Budget
  • Alcohol NO
  • Air condition YES
  • Had kid menu NO
  • Accept credit card NO
  • Serve breakfast NO
  • Serve halal NO
  • Serve vegeterian NO
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1.0 day
25.63 USD
Total travel distance
Number of places
10 places




Koikei Bakery, Calcada Barra, No.23A, B, C, Fase B, Rc-Crc, Macau Macau

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“Very packed but great tasting food” Went around afternoon time and because it was a Sunday, the store was packed with a lot of people. Bought their signature egg tarts and it's heavenly! None of the egg tarts that I have tried in Singapore is as good as Koi Kei's. Their egg tarts get sold by trays in matter of minutes once it is brought out from the oven! It has a thicker taste than many other egg tarts and their crust is crisp. simply awesome. never tasted anything like that before. They sell barbecued pork as well and allows sample tasting before you purchase. They have many types of pork meat including pork neck meat and even wild boar meat! However, for those who are used to barbecued meat from Bee Cheng Hiang or Fragrance in Singapore, Koi Kei's version is at least twice, if not thrice, as thick and it is a different feeling chewing on them. Bought a small amount of food items meant as gifts to friends and families and some for self-consumption. Received exceptional service by one of the crew there, their almond cookies have almond nuts in them which makes the entire taste quite good. For those who love slightly sweeter stuffs, their almond crisps is a must-buy and it comes in a nicely-packed clear box.

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