Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island)

Attraction Rabbit Island beaches, National Road 33A, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Koh Thonsáy is a Cambodian island located off the south western coast of Cambodia. "Koh Thonsáy" means Rabbit Island, and it is located close to the mainland of Kep City.

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Why Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island) is special ?

Koh Thonsáy is a Cambodian island located off the south western coast of Cambodia. "Koh Thonsáy" means Rabbit Island, and it is located close to the mainland of Kep City.

Koh Tonsay is located 4.6 km south of Kep and can be reached by boat from Kep port. Tourists are drawn to the beautiful white sand beach overlooking the sea. The sea here is shallow and the sea bottom has a long gradual slope, making Koh Thonsay excellent for swimming. At the sea bottom are a variety of corals, sea animals and plants which attract researchers and ecologists.

Koh Thonsay is 2 square kilometers in area. During Norodom Sihanouk’s Sangkum Reastr Niyum regime, it was used as a place to rehabilitate criminals, who were also used to defend the island. Horse cart paths and wooden, thatch roofed motels were also constructed during this time. Most of this infrastructure has been destroyed by weather and decades of war.

Today there are new bamboo guest houses on the main beach, visited by Cambodian and foreign tourists. In addition, fishermen and their families live on the island, occupying other beaches around the shoreline.

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What to explore at Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island)?

Rabbit Island is great for just chilling and relaxing, however, there’s plenty to do if you’re more active inclined.

You can take a pleasant walk around the island, which takes about one and a half to two hours. Total distance is just under eight kilometres. If you time it right it’s a straightforward walk around the island, however, if the tide is higher you could end up getting wet and wading part of the way through mangroves. Just over half way round you will come to a beach with a long spit head of sand going out to the sea. It’s a great place to stop for a swim or a paddle. A local family live by the spit head beach and will ferry you back to the main beach for $5 per person. If you’ve got camera equipment you may need to take them up on their offer. If you’re in need of refreshments, they’ll also quite happily sell you a fresh coconut. If you’re feeling just slightly adventurous, however, you’ll get around the island just fine without the aid of a boat.

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How to get to Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island)?

You either take a motorbike-taxi (Moto Dub) or a Tuk Tuk to the pier in Kep City, from there you hire a boat to the island.

Boats to Rabbit Island (30 minutes) leave from a pier 2.7km east of the Kep Beach roundabout. Your guesthouse can arrange to get you on a boat for around US$7 one-way or US$10 per person return: make it clear which day you want to be picked up. A scheduled trip departs daily at 9am for the same price. A private boat arranged at the pier costs US$30 one way for up to seven passengers.

Selling points

  • Calm place with relaxed atmosphere
  • Nice day trip with pleasant walk
  • Perfect place to chill out
  • Serene and stunning island
  • Paradise on a budget.
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Rabbit Island beaches, National Road 33A, Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • Chhay Soheng hotel could be recommend for anyone who want to stay overnight.
  • Three hotels will give money on Mastercard only. Verhanda Natural, Kep lodge and Kimley Lodge but charge commission.
  • There’s no ATM’s in the Island, so you should bring plenty of cash.
  • Take snacks if you are on a budget as the food and drink is reasonable but priced to reflect the fact that it's all shipped over from the mainland.
  • VIP Bungalow is recommend as a seafood restaurant that you could want to try it out.
  • You can bring your camera to caught the fascinating views of the nice island.
  • Just like other islands, please keep your rubbish on your hands for the clean of the island.
  • You should bring the clothes to change in case you can get wet or stay at.
    What to bring
  • You’ll need to bring your passport with you as the police tend to check them.
    What to bring
  • There is no electricity on the island and each guest house uses a generator from night time 6 PM till 10 pm. So not much late night activity, but some people prefer the calm to the night life, so no problem then.
  • The English spoken is very sparse so if you ask for a cup of tea and you get served coffee do not be surprised.
  • You should keep eyes on your children to avoid getting lost.


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On the boat to here, sit as far in the back as you can especially of the sea is choppy. But if you like to be splashed and want to experience the waves rollercoaster, sit in the front!

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We ended up spending a day here by accident, but it was lovely nonetheless. After reading several mediocre-poor reviews about Rabbit Island we had decided to leave it out of our Kep visit. Fortunately it was a stop in a tour we booked and we were pleasantly surprised! Beautiful clear, warm water, free beach chairs, and charming surroundings. The island is also lined with restaurants that prepare huge and delicious servings. We paid $7/person to get there and back,about 30 min each way. Unfortunately we had a bad experience with P.L.C tours in Kep. We had booked a fishing trip for the day and were taken to Rabbit Island in the morning to catch our fishing boat, which never showed up. Having had paid for the tour in advance upon arriving back in Kep later that after we confronted the tour agent, and he was very apologetic explaining there had been a mix-up. He told us he would refund us the money we had paid to go fishing and have lunch, however he did not have the money right now and would give it to us the next morning before we left Kep. When we arrived the next morning to collect our refund, the owner was "nowhere to be found" and his employees claimed they did not know when we would be back, so we has to leave without recieving our refund. I can say with confidence that we were not the first victims to this company as it seemed like a big joke to the employees. I would highly recommend NOT booking anything with this company,we were very disappointed.

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