Koh Khai (Khai Islands)

Remote Koh Khai Nok Phru Nai, Ko Yao District Phang-nga Thailand Published on: 26-06-2016

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Koh Khai (Khai Islands), a group of 3 islands (Khai Nok, Khai Nui and Khai Nai), is a popular snorkeling and swimming destination in itself.

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How to get to Koh Khai (Khai Islands)?

Koh Khai is located near Phuket town which can be reached only 20 minute by speed boat.

Selling points

  • Aimply an amazing beach, great for snorkelling
  • Relaxing beach and snorkeling spot
  • Nice place to get your suntanned
  • Small island, huge number of tourists
  • Nice stop for relaxing and snorking
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Koh Khai Nok Phru Nai, Ko Yao District Phang-nga Thailand

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Tips for you

  • You should be careful of the strong undercurrents at the shoreline.
  • You can also enjoy water jet ski , that will cost you 100 to 150 Bhat depending on your bargaining skills.
    Things to do
  • Khai Nok Island has clear green waters where you can swim and snorkel and be with the fishes as the fishes here are friendly and you can feed them bread too.
  • Flip side of the coin, the place is really good to see Nemo fish and first time snorklers.
    What to see


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On our way to main Phi Phi island the first stop was Khai. I took us almost two hours from Phuket harbor to reach there on big boat. Speed boats take lesser time but don't take speed boat in monsoon season when tides are high. you can do snorkeling and take bath in green water with fish. :) Also there are two or three eatery options for the tourists. You can also enjoy water jet ski , that will cost you 100 to 150 Bhat depending on your bargaining skills. No option for overnight stay and max you spend three hours in all these activities then you head toward Phi phi.

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We went with Phuket Absolute Marine for a half day speed boat tour to Khai Nai Island, Khai Nue Island and then Khai Nok Island. We went early May 2016 and the company looked fairly new. Lovely marine building, lovely boat and nice new snorkeling equipment. If you can swim either take your own fins/flippers or hire them for 100B from the company as they are not included in the price. Haggle with the travel agent and you should get it for 1/2 the brochure price. Pray for good weather, as we went to the region three times, had murky water with 1-2m underwater vision on the first trip (with Absolute Marine), brown water plums three days later on a kayaking trip with PPT and then pretty clear water on the last trip with Friendship Marine another 3 days later with 5+ metre underwater vision. Sadly the Tsunami in has killed most of the coral, but some has grown back, no coral forests as far as we saw though. Of the Khai Island tours we liked Friendship Marines organisation the best, because the lunch was excellent and it was a whole day. Again Haggle, we got this one for less than 1/2 the brochure price. Check the weather forecasts before you go it needs to be rain free and low winds for two days prior to your tour as well as on the day if you want to see clearly during the snorkeling parts of your tour.

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We booked the Khai beach outing with the travel agent across the road from the hotel we were staying. What attracted us to this outing was that it was only half a day and we thought that after spending a full day on Banana beach it would be a bit easier on the children. We got up very early in order to have breakfast before we leave. We were ready for our shuttle by 7.10 as we were told that we would be picked up between 7.15 and 7.30 The shuttle was an hour late. After waiting in the heat for so long we were already frustrated The trip to the pier was very long and bumpy. We departed from a pier that looks like it was part of a fishing village (unfortunately not sure what it is called). The boat looked pellapadated, but we were greeted by a very friendly tour guide who handed us safety jackets. the first Khai island was luckily only 15 minutes out. The trip was however very bumpy and made me feel sick. We spend an hour at the first Khai island. The water was clear and we swam with beautiful fish right next to the beach. The facilities was not great and we had to pay 150 baht to rent 2 beach chairs and an umbrella and another 20 baht to use the toilet. The tour operator did however provide water and cold drinks free of charge. We stopped at the second island for about half an hour where we could swim and snorkel from the boat. This island was very small and we never went on to the island. Our last stop was the third Khai island. We got off the boat and was told that the same pricing applied as the first island for chair rental and toilets. The island is absolutely beautiful and we really enjoyed the swimming and snorkeling. The fish and sealife was so close to the beach that we hardly got out of the water. The tour operator provided fresh fruit, water, cold drinks and sandwiches for us to enjoy. When we got back on the boat we were asked for tips and a bucket was sent around. The trip back to the pier was short, but bumpy. The lovely beaches and exquisite swimming and snorkeling made this trip worth it. Although we left an hour late we were back at our hotel just after 14.00 I probably would have given this a 5 star rating if we didn't have to pay for beach chairs and toilets. None of this was mentioned in the brochure and we only learned this once we arrived at the respective islands.

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