Kodansha Noma Memorial Museum

Attraction 講談社野間記念館 〒112-0014 Tokyo, Bunkyo, Sekiguchi, 2 Chome−11−30 Published on: 13-11-2015

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Kodansha Noma Memorial Museum was built to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of Japan's largest Kodansha Publishing Company

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Why Kodansha Noma Memorial Museum is special ?

Kodansha Noma Memorial Museum іs located іn Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan. Іts collection includes fine Japanese art objects.

The museum wаs opened іn April 2000, іn order tо commemorate the 90th anniversary оf the founding оf Japan's largest publishing company, Kodansha Publishing Company. Іt wаs the residence оf the former Kodansha president Sawako Noma, the grand daughter оf іts founder, Seiji Noma.

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What to explore at Kodansha Noma Memorial Museum?

One of the museum's exhibits is the Noma Japanese Art Collection, art objects collected by Seiji Noma, Kodansha's founder, mostly in the early part of the 20th century.The Museum also displays the Publication Culture Collection, which presents valuable cultural treasures that have been collected from the Meiji Era (1868-1912) to the Heisei Era (1989 to the present). Another major collection at the Museum consists of the works of Yutaka Murakami, an artist closely associated with Kodansha.

Selling points

  • A fine Japanese arts museum
  • The Noma Japanese Art Collection
  • The Publication Culture Collection
  • Valuable cultural treasures
  • The history of modern Japanese art.
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講談社野間記念館 〒112-0014 Tokyo, Bunkyo, Sekiguchi, 2 Chome−11−30

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Tips for you

  • Some exhibition are only explained in Japanese.
  • Please don't make noise or leave litter in and outside the museum.
  • Ask permission if you want to take photos


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We (I and my friends) came here by accident and it wasn’t a disappointment. We experienced some Japanese history and culture through the exhibition of the early Showa’s picture books. The Medieval and even the modern illustrations are really nice and historical. There was a funny story (if it’s not rude i bet) that a rich mouse could marry a woman but then the bride just run away from him. And he decided to become a monk. That was sad tho.

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