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Attraction Kinuta Park 1-1 Kinutakoen Setagaya, Tokyo 157-0075 Japan Published on: 26-02-2016

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Kinuta Park is truly an environmental friendly park with lots of trees and green grass where you and your family can have a great break after a day of discovering Tokyo.

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Why Kinuta Park is special ?

This park used to be a wide wooded area designated as one of commemorative projects in 1935 for 2,600th anniversary of National Foundation. Later in 1957, it was opened to the public and had been used as a municipal golf course which is the reason of its vast acreage of the grass. Now this grass space is used as a family park where visitors enjoy picnic lunch, sunbathing and walking through tall trees.

What to explore at Kinuta Park?

First-time visitors are often surprised to discover this verdant expanse of lush grass in Setagaya Ward. Kinuta Park actually used to be a municipal golf course, though you no longer need to worry about getting hit by flying balls while you're having your weekend picnic. An especially popular place for family outings, attractions within the park include a cycling course, bird sanctuary and kids' playground, as well as the Setagaya Art Museum. It's also a draw for springtime sakura viewers, when the variety of species guarantees a longer bloom time.

They also have a cycling course around a family park, camping area, bird sanctuary area, athletic area and so on. One special feature of this park is a co-existence of the Setagaya Museum. Here you can enjoy natural beauty and arts together.


How to get to Kinuta Park?

20 minutes walk from [Yooga Sta.] of Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line,In front of [Bijyutukan Bus stop], Terminal bus stop on Tokyu Coach Bus for [Bijyutukan] departing from [Yooga Sta.] of Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line,

Parking facilities available

Selling points

  • Cherry blossom (sakura) viewing
  • Popular place for family outings
  • Bird sanctuary and kids' playground
  • A baseball and soccer fields
  • Fun cycling course
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Kinuta Park 1-1 Kinutakoen Setagaya, Tokyo 157-0075 Japan

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Tips for you

  • You can bring your own food to have quick picnic in this park because there are not many food vendors around.
  • There are loud announcements with classical music several times in a day so don't be startled if you happen to sit near one of the speakers.
  • There is a large pay parking lot on the north side and some street parking spots along the south side.


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I went to Kinuta Park during the cherry blossom season - seriously, it was one of the most magical and stunning things I have ever seen. Kinuta Park is one of the biggest parks in the suburb of Setagaya and has about 500 cherry blossom trees! It used to be a golf course, so there are loads of wide open spaces perfect for kids to run around in, fly kites, etc. Even in the busy cherry blossom season, you can still find a quiet corner of the park to chill with friends or your partner. I highly recommend this place if you're after somewhere to relax and escape from the busy city.

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