King Qian's Memorial

Attraction Qianwang Temple Shangcheng, Hangzhou, Zhejiang China 310000 Published on: 20-08-2016

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King Qian's Memorial is a memorial shrine to the kings of the Wuyue kingdom (907-978; all had the surname Qian) who developed Hangzhou into a very prosperous city.

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Why King Qian's Memorial is special ?

King Qian's Memorial, or Tomb of King Qian, or Qianwang Temple is a memorial shrine to the king of the Wuyue kingdom (907-978). Under King Qian leadership, he encouraged agriculture, weaving, waterworks management and by guarding his country from wars, he developed Hangzhou into a prosperous city.

The memorial hall was first built in 1077 but destroyed or used for other purposes on several occasions. Construction on the present structure was finished in 2003. There’s not much to see inside (although it does hold a bronze hall with the biggest bronze foundation in China) but it’s usually empty so is a peaceful place to wander through.


What to explore at King Qian's Memorial?

The total area of the rebuilt memorial temple is 11,300 square meters with a total architectural area of 4,600 square meters. As a huge building complex nearby the Nanshan Road and West Lake Museum, it is a must-see destination to learn more about the history of Hangzhou and West Lake.

This relatively small and new temple has a prime position on the east shore of the lake, just opposite the Academy of Art. Chances are you’ll be wandering by at some stage, possibly even have time to kill while waiting for the next ‘pleasure boat’ to depart from the gate outside.


How to get to King Qian's Memorial?

You can take taxi or bus number 12 to reach the King Qian memorial hall.

Selling points

  • Very tranquil temple
  • Stunning bronze houses
  • Perfect backdrops for photos
  • Peaceful place inside the hustle of Hangzhou
  • Majestic mansion, quaint pagoda and exhibition halls
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Qianwang Temple Shangcheng, Hangzhou, Zhejiang China 310000

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Tips for you

  • Steps away from King Qian's Memorial Hall is the shimmering West Lake, perfect for walking, hiking, boating.
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Good views of West Lake in Hangzhou, Qian Wang Temple within the West Lake scenery is superb. It brings a burst of cool in the summer. The design of Qianwang temple is refinement. It's not large, but each scene reflects just right. Really good.

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