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Khai Dinh Tomb Hue is not only considered the most beautiful mausoleum but also converges a lot of "The Best Things" that visitors cannot ignore when visiting this dream city. With extremely elaborately designed and splendid architectural works, delicately combined between East-West culture and architecture, Khai Dinh tomb becomes a prominent historical destination of the ancient capital. It is a place to check-in the favorite "virtual living" of many young people when owning many ideal angles. To better understand this beautiful royal tomb, let's explore it with the article below.

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What to explore at Khai Dinh Tomb Hue Vietnam?

Khai Dinh Tomb, Where is it?

Khai Dinh Tomb, also known as Ung Lang is the tomb of the 12th emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty - Khai Dinh. The mausoleum is located on Chau Chu mountain, part of Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy Town, outside Hue city, about 10 km from the city center.

Although the total area of Khai Dinh Tomb is much more modest than the other royal tombs, the construction of the process took 11 years with quite a lot of elaborate, sophisticated works, consuming a lot of effort and money. Therefore, the Khai Dinh tomb is considered to be the most outstanding of all the royal tombs in Hue thanks to Western architectural style and modern materials.

History of Khai Dinh Emperor

Khai Dinh emperor's real name is Nguyen Phuc Buu Dao (1885-1925). After taking the throne, he paid great attention to building palaces, and tombs for himself and the royal family. Some typical constructions are Kien Trung palace, An Dinh palace, Chuong Duc Gate, Tuong An, ... Especially among them, it is impossible not to mention Khai Dinh's tomb. The tomb was built in the period from 1920 to 1931, lasting two emperors: Khai Dinh and Bao Dai. Lots of good artisans and craftsmen participated in the construction.

In order to serve this great project, a large number of materials were imported from abroad such as cement, iron, steel, porcelain, glassware purchased from Japan, China, and tiles from France. That cost has created a beautiful masterpiece that anyone visiting will be admiring and overwhelming.

Khai Dinh Royal Tomb Entrance Tickets

At present, the ticket price to visit Khai Dinh Tomb is in accordance with the regulations of the Hue monument complex. Specifically, the fare for adults is VND 200,000/ person, and children are VND 30,000/ person. The Khai Dinh Tomb opens from 7 am to 5 pm every day.

What to see at the Tomb of Khai Dinh?

It can be said that the tomb of the Khai Dinh emperor is a harmonious combination of a lot of different architecture, with the combination of ancient Vietnamese and western architectural features. It consists of 5 main points that certain visitors must explore.

The Main Entrance

The Three-Door Gate is located on the first floor of the mausoleum. This is the place to honor the merits of the mandarins who had a great contribution to the country. Right from the gate, you can also see the grandeur of it. And to reach this gate, you need to pass 37 of the 127 steps of the mausoleum!

The Royal Courtyard

climbing up 29 more steps you will come to Nghi Mon area and Bai Dinh courtyard. It is located on the second floor of the tomb of Khai Dinh Hue. This place stands out with two rows of statues of servants and soldiers carved like a real person - a unique model that makes everyone surprised when they see it.

Thien Dinh Palace

Located on the 5th floor - the highest position of the mausoleum is Thien Dinh palace. The palace has a rectangular shape, under a marble base and the entire interior is invested with decorative pieces made of porcelain and glass extremely sophisticated and beautiful. All exuding solemnity, increasing the attraction for the tomb.

Khai Thanh Palace

This is the place where they worship the Khai Dinh emperor with his portrait. Behind the altar is the bronze statue of Khai Dinh Emperor. It is the 39th birthday gift from The French government offered to Khai Dinh emperor. The special characteristic of the bronze statue is it was cast by the right size of the Khai Dinh emperor.

In other royal tombs, we don’t know where the coffin is, but in Khai Dinh tomb, we know under the statue about 9 m deep is the coffin and body of the Khai Dinh emperor.

Behind his statue in Khai Thanh Palace is the symbol of Sunset, it means the emperor passed away already.

Above his head is the parasol made by concrete, color glass, ceramics with 99 dragons guarding the Khai Dinh the emperor at any directions.

How to visit Khai Dinh Tomb Hue?

Well, to visit Khai Dinh tomb, you can ride a bike, drive a scooter with helmets to get there. If you would like to visit all highlights of Hue such as Thien Mu Pagoda, Hue Imperial Citadel, Minh Mang Tomb and Khai Dinh tomb with an English speaking driver, you can book Hue City Tour By Private Car. If you would love to enjoy Khai Dinh Tomb with a local expert, you should book our Hue City Tour Full Day. We guarantee the tour quality.

Addtional information

This is the Royal Tomb of Khai Dinh Emperor so when you go to visit Khai Dinh Tomb, you follow some regulations below:

  • Buy an admission ticket before going to historical sites. Each person must present his or her own ticket at the entrance.
  • Read carefully the regulations on hygiene, security, and fire prevention. Do not carry explosives, flammable substances, poisons, and weapons.
  • Wear polite and quiet attire in palaces and solemn places. Photography and video are not allowed in the palace’s interior.
  • No smoking in palaces, pine areas, and other flammable areas.
  • No picking of flowers or twigs, hunting, or painting on historical sites.
  • Do not lie, sit, or touch artifacts.
  • Persons traveling in vehicles are required to disembark, stop the engine and remove sunglasses and masks (if any) for security checks and specific instructions.

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