Kep National Park

Attraction Kep National Park, Krong Kaeb, Kep, Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Kep National Park is of medium size and is located around the Kep Mountain. The main entrance is just behind Veranda Natural Resort.

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Why Kep National Park is special ?

The Kep National Park is of medium size and is located around the Kep Mountain. The main entrance is just behind Veranda Natural Resort, where you will be expected to pay $1.25 (or 5000 riels) entry fee (which goes towards maintaining the park) but there are other access points such as Kep Lodge on the west side, Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort on the east-side or very central right behind the beach. There is an 8km trek which leads around the mountain with beautiful outlook points (with chairs to relax) to Kampot, the islands and to Vietnam. Next to the three big antennas near the beach is a small Nuns-Pagoda, where you can buy tea made from wood, which is good against headache or stomach pain.


What to explore at Kep National Park?

Get in touch with nature by hiking in the Kep National Park where you will see exotic plants and animals. Be guided by the maps and information on the trails as you walk up the mountain. Start early to catch wildlife including birds, snakes, squirrels, monkeys, butterflies and many more.

In approximately 1.5 hours, you will reach the summit, where you will get breathtaking panoramic views of the steep valley, plantations, pagodas, nearby towns, Bokor mountain and nearby islands.

The entire trip will take about 2-3 hours. Pay the entrance fee of USD 1 per person at the start of the trek just above the parking area of Veranda Natural Resort.


How to get to Kep National Park?

Despite its protected status, is in a sad state. Occupying the interior of Kep headland, it has no guest facilities. Access is via an 8km road open to 4WD vehicles. Kep Lodge may be able to arrange a half-day hike through the park as well as snorkeling excursions, fishing trips and seaborne visits to coastal mangrove groves.

Selling points

  • Breathtaking views of the ocean
  • Great hike even for children
  • Nice walk, spectacular views
  • Lovely walk up a cool forested trail, great views of the Bay of Thailand
  • Signposted jungle
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Kep National Park, Krong Kaeb, Kep, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • It is possible to walk all the way around in a couple of hours, or to climb up and over the top, but you could easily spend the whole day here watching the birds and exploring the trails.
  • Bring water and/or refill at Led Zeppelin Café or the butterfly farm.
    What to bring
  • The first part of the hike is very steep - there are even ropes provided in some areas to help you up.
  • You can climb down into Jasmine Valley where there is a pleasant little butterfly farm.
  • Avoid if you can’t cope with steep unmade paths!
  • Don’t take the side trip to Jasmine Valley resort expecting lunch as the place appears to be abandoned and vandalized.
  • Follow yellow signs to avoid getting lost in the forest.
  • You should keep eyes to avoid getting lost.
  • There is an excellent cafe in the Park, and near the entrance with good value meals and drinks, great views, relaxing atmosphere and historical photos on display.
  • Parking is available.


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We decided in our infinite wisdom to cycle part of the National Park in the baking heat around 11am. Anyway, that aside, the park itself has some stunning views! There are several routes you can do, all various lengths depending on how much you want to do. We just did a short 2-3hr cycle one to be in time for crab market. The path itself you can walk, cycle, or even moto around. You cant really get lost unless you stray. Theres regular signs along the way telling you about local wildlife and maps where you are, so very little chance of getting lost. There is supposdly an entry/exit but we found no one at the exit so went through there anyway. Views are stunning and theres a couple of good look-out points too. The only thing I'd say is take plenty of water, more than you think you'll need, and a good hat or plenty of suncream. Well worth the effort to have a gander round!

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There is an 8km treck around it and some paths across (done by [email protected] Zep Cafe). A dozen benches are positioned to give you views to Kampot, the islands and as far as Vietnam.

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