Kep Butterfly Farm

Attraction Kep National Park, Krong Kaeb, Kep, Campuchia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Kep Butterfly Farm is considered as the newest tourist attraction in southern Cambodia which located in a really beautiful and peaceful spot in the Jasmine Valley.

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Why Kep Butterfly Farm is special ?

Kep Butterfly Farm is considered as the newest tourist attraction in the southern Cambodia which is located in a really beautiful and peaceful spot in the Jasmine Valley. Just before you reach the Jasmine Valley Eco-Resort on the right, you will see an American-owned Butterfly farm with thousands of colourful butterflies in a very nice garden. This farm is also nice expedition specially with your kids. The Kep Butterfly Farm is a private ecological garden dedicated to preserve the local environment as well as aimed to create employment by training local Cambodians to farm butterflies, to satisfy an export market.

What to explore at Kep Butterfly Farm?

Once you enter the butterfly farm you will definitely be surprised by a lovely garden with lots of different kinds of flowers and it will be even more amazing when you find a nice butterfly farm with various species of butterflies in the middle. Staffs who runing Kep Butterfly Farm are so friendly, they will be very happy to show you through the life-cycle of the butterflies. They will also help you to understand how the caterpillars are kept and what it needed to farm the butterflies. The best part is that you are free to get real close to the amazing butterflies, frolic in the midst of beautiful and colorful butterflies as well as take pictures with these most beautiful creatures in the world.

Apart from learning all about the Butterflies, you can discover such a place attracts warm and sensitive people to work in it.

How to get to Kep Butterfly Farm?

Taking a tuk-tuk or walking there from the National Park for 5 minutes

Selling points

  • Pleasant little farm with flowers and butterflies
  • A sanctuary from any noise
  • Colorful gem
  • Quiet & peaceful setting
  • Lovely place to enjoy the peace
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Kep National Park, Krong Kaeb, Kep, Campuchia

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Tips for you

  • Toilet is available.
  • A bit of a jaunt if you are walking, but a tuk-tuk or motorbike will get you there no problem.
  • You should bring repellent to avoid insect and mosquito.
    What to bring
  • You can bring your camera to take the fascinating photos in this place.
  • You can get a free tour guide to learn more about the butterfly.
  • You should keep a clean environment in this place.
  • Smoking is forbidden.
  • You should not pick flowers, break twig in the park.
  • Jasmine Valley Ecolodge, Jasmine Valley, Cambodia.
  • Parking is available.
  • You should keep eyes on your children to avoid getting lost.
  • The small restaurant serves cold drinks and food is available a hundred meters further up the trail at Jasmine Valley.


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This little place is only 5-10 minutes off the main track through Kep National Park. The friendly family point you towards the butterflies. There is a shed with a few boxes containing interesting caterpillars and a garden of beautiful flowers, with many butterflies fluttering around them. The main butterfly area is inside a structure covered with a net. It has various pathways and some nice flowers. The butterflies like to congregate on the flowers in the sunniest spots. It is not very big and there are not loads of butterflies. In some ways it is just an extension of the garden outside. But it collects several species together (I counted about eight - ten types), including a few larger and rarer ones. And it is very pretty to see them all together in the sunlight. You can see it all in two minutes, but I spent 20-30 minutes just wandering and enjoying it. There is no fee, just a donations box. Drinks are also available, and I think there is a toilet you can use.

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