Kbal Chay Waterfall & UNTAC Beach Tour

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Kbal Chay Waterfall & UNTAC Beach Tour offers a trip to the Kbal Chay Waterfall, an fascinating nature scenery, the beautiful famous UNTAC Beach and some traditional local markets.

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Why Kbal Chay Waterfall & UNTAC Beach Tour is special ?

The tour will take you to The Kbal Chhay Waterfall which is about 16 kilometers north of Sihanoukville. The spectarcular 14m high waterfall and its fascinating natural beauty will bring tourists the added felling of being in a paradise. Ochheuteal Beach is by far the most popular, crowed and touristed beach in town. It is a full service beach to meet everything you need. You can also experience the shopping at the traditional Market Phsar Leu to understand more about local lives.

What to explore at Kbal Chay Waterfall & UNTAC Beach Tour?

Pick up from the hotel or ship then we transfer to theKbal Chhay Waterfall andUNTAC Beach Safari, En route we enjoy visiting the Golden Lions Traffic Circle,shopping at Phsar Leu is the main traditional market; travel to Khan Prey Nup in 16 kilometer for the town, the waterfall of Kbal Chhay Waterfall has many sources from the mountain rank at the seaside. The history of Kbal Chhay waterfall was found in 1960. Picnic Lunch seafood combo. Taking a rest and swimming at Ochheuteal Beach is known as UNTAC Beach in the early 1990s. And it’s now the most popular in Sihanoukville. Return to the hotel or ship.


- Round trip transportation in private a/c.

- Local English speaking guide.

- Admission fee to indicated sights.

- Drinking water & cold tissue on vehicle.

- Gov’t tax and service charge.

- Meal: Picnic lunch or lunch at local restaurant.

- Cambodia & Angkor map 3 in 1.

Selling points

  • Amazing Kbal Chhay Waterfall
  • Golden Lion statues
  • Picnic Lunch seafood combo
  • Traditional local markets
  • Peaceful UNTAC Be
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A visit to Sihanoukville’s Central Market is a simple way to find out about Cambodian culture, commerce and cuisine. A one-stop learning experience on all things Khmer.Some posters have been put off by Phsar Leu’s foreignness: it doesn’t smell nice, it’s too hot, it’s too déclassé, it has beggars, it’s too raucous, sellers are overly aggressive, so on and so forth.Hey, Cambodia is a third world country; most of the indigenous population is impoverished. The traveler should not expect developed country amenities when venturing out of tourist haunts. Those inquisitive, adventuresome folks that desire to see something authentically grassroots local need to keep an open mind.I’ve lived in Sihanoukville over 5 years and for me Phsar Leu is a true slice of Khmer life in all its exotic glory.I enjoy the hustle and bustle; I take pleasure in haggling over prices, I’m invigorated by the raw energy of the place. Live fish are hopping out of baskets squirming across the concrete floor in a futile escape attempt, chickens beheaded and plucked in situ, children balling, dogs barking; it’s the unrefined essence of local life.I recommend a trip to Phsar Leu only for those rare visitors that want to experience another entirely different culture up close and personal in all its non-western nature. Not for the judgmental or the narrow minded.Phsar Leu is the heartbeat of Snooky.

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I came here in December 2013 with my family and we left within an hour. This place is pure human misery. There are swarms of pitiful looking beggars that are limbless, disabled, very old and crinkled, skin and bones kids etc These beggars pester you and follow you around the market with their hands out. Little kids come up to you and pull your clothes with their hands out. Then when you finally cave in and start rummaging in your handbag for some USD beggars start swarming towards you from everywhere.Outside in the dirt car park tuk tuk drivers swarm around you with cardboard signs claiming they speak English and trying to get you to hire them.We could hardly breath inside the market as it was very hot and humid weather coupled with the stall holders burning incense which made it even more hot, stuffy and smelly. Everywhere is covered in filth. My mother almost fainted and started gasping for air which is when we decided we have had enough.The merchandise is very poor quality "$1 dollar shop" type of stuff anyway.

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It's a traditional local market like you'd find in many places in Asia but this place stunk more of hot garbage and fish than any other I've been to. To make it worse, there were also disabled and limbless people laying right in the main walkway and begging. If you walk through the market to the other side, there are a bunch of vendors that are not in the thick of the stinky market center. It was certainly an interesting experience to be in place that is the living cornerstone of a community but between the aggressive merchants, smells and beggars we didn't enjoy browsing around much.

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We had a day tour in Sihanoukville and it’s our best trip ever. The beautiful Kbal Chhay Waterfall was great destination for whom love the pure beauty of nature. We saw many locals, especially teenagers came here for avoiding the heat or having a picnic and a camping. We loved the traditional Phsar Leu where we learned deeply how people earn their living and their cutural lifetyle. We experienced to buy something like the locals. It’s very interesting. The seafood combo served at the beach was awesome. We enjoyed the trip.

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