Kayumanis Spa

Spa RA. Kartini 131, Surabaya 60264, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

09:00 AM - 10:00 PM
20.00 USD

Kayumanis Spa is good for

Good for family with kids Family with kids Good
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  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Kayumanis spa. Kayumanis Spa is one of the best spa in town with many option of treatment. It's where you can relax while enjoying great nature treatments.

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Why Kayumanis Spa is special ?

Kayumanis is great place to pamper your body after a hard working or traveling day. Kayumanis  Spa provides a wide range of treatment options of Body Spa,Face, Hair Spa, Pre wedding and Post-natal care. Treatment takes only ± 2.5 hours.

Kayumanis  also serve Shapeline Salon and Shapeline Body & Skin and cure for several diseases such as, sleeping difficulty, headaches.

Their staff are friendly, well-trained polite and helpful. The massage is extraordinary. The music is very relaxing. In general, the spa is a must do in Surabaya if you have more time. It's the great way to recover your energy to continue the long traveling journey ahead.

Selling points

  • “Perfect Escape!”
  • “The best spa in town”
  • "Thoughtful service and friendly staff"
  • "Great atmosphere and ambience"
  • "Relaxing and comforatble hours"
A five day round trip of Surabaya

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5.0 days
92.31 USD
Total travel distance
Number of places
20 places




RA. Kartini 131, Surabaya 60264, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • It placed in the first floor at the owner house
  • You are not served in an individual room


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For someone who look only for massage. Spa facility is very poor not worthed for the cost. Do not expect for luxurious treatment.

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Had the 2.5 hour spa session (chocolate cinnamon) for 250,000 Rupiahs, consisting of:(a) floral foot rinse (b) massage(c) steam bath (d) scrub(e) mask (f) ratus(g) floral bath (h) herbal drinkThe bulk of the treatment (massage, scrub, mask, ratus and bath) took place in a room with 3 beds side by side (with curtain partitions) and a bathtub and shower at the end.Felt claustrophobic (each individual partitioned space was so narrow you basically had to clamber on from the foot of the bed), and there was a mosquito or two that gave me a couple of nasty stings. They should also have provided lockers for belongings.The scrub and mask (which was supposed to be coffee-cinnamon) was also not as aromatic as those I've experienced elsewhere. I have no complaints about the massage techniques though.The staff was polite and helpful, but little English is spoken. They very kindly volunteered to call for a taxi for me as I was about to leave.

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I had spa which is one of their specialities and its quite nice, the staff were nice, the massage was extraordinary (I was very tired at that time, felt like i'm back alive ). I also had a creambath treatment, its good too. Well, nice job there pampering myself, kayumanis!

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