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Attraction Inle Lake Myanmar (Burma) Published on: 13-11-2015

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Kaylar Village is located in the middle part of Inlay Lake and famous for its floating gardens. The villagers mainly live on fishing and farming.

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Why Kaylar Village is special ?

Kaylar village is located in the mid-section of Inle Lake. The Intha people who live there have become masters of their aquatic surroundings. They live in homes built on stilts above the river’s surface and do everything from gardening, to shopping, to worshipping on the lake. The villagers mainly live on fishing and farming. On the floating gardens, they mostly grow tomatoes and some of them grow peas, chilies and flowers. This is the point which is full of charm for tourists of Myanmar. That’s why the small Kaylar village becoming popular among visitors by the passage of time.

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What to explore at Kaylar Village?

The Intha people who live on Inle Lake have an unusual way of getting their recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. Over the generations they have learned to bundle together the weeds, lake reeds and water hyacinth detritus that floats to the lake’s edges into long and compact strips of floating turf, which they top with soil from the lake bottom and then plant with squash, tomatoes, peas, and other things. To keep the fertile little islands from drifting away, long bamboo poles anchor them to the lake bottom.

Source: http://www.myanmarburma.com/

How to get to Kaylar Village?

The best way to visit Kaylar Village is by boat. The local driver can take you to the village.

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  • There’s an impressive weaving “factory” in Kaylar. Everything is done by hand on old wooden looms and other primitive equipment.
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