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Kawasaki has been an important city of trade since the days of the Tokugawa Shogunate, as a stop on the Tokaido Road between Tokyo and Kyoto.

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Why Kawasaki is special ?

Sandwiched between Tokyo and Yokohama, Kawasaki is a large coastal city in Kanagawa Prefecture that stretches along the Tamagawa River. Kawasaki's city center lies near the heavily industrialized waterfront; however, the city becomes more and more suburban as you head further inland.

While not a major tourist destination, there are a few attractions found around the city, and several museums such as the Nihon Minkaen open-air museum and Fujiko F. Fujio Museum further out in the suburbs. This make Kawasaki a unique side trip, including a Buddhist temple that ranks as one of Japan's top three most visited temples during the New Year, a Shinto fertility shrine that hosts one of Japan's wackiest festivals, and an underrated open-air museum.

Source: http://www.japan-guide.com/

What to explore at Kawasaki?

Kawasaki city represents the face of modern Japan based on the huge selection of fascinating shopping malls and restaurants that it has offer. There are many historic sites and sceneries in Kawasaki city where you can truly enjoy unique Japanese culture and the mother nature by visiting temples, traditional theaters, lush greenery parks, ancient houses and hot springs. Kawasaki city is home to the Keihin industrial area that is known as one of the biggest industrial areas in Japan. There are a number of facilities for you to experience the newest technology invented in Japan. You may request for more information on tours to some factories in Kawasaki city. The museum of Fujiko F. Fujio, who is known as the creator of a very popular Japanese manga series “Doraemon” is expecting to be open here in 2011. We welcome everyone with open arms to Kawasaki city by then to join the celebration with us. Now you will be able to enjoy Kawasaki city even more with more local attractions yet to come in the near future.

Source: http://www.travelkawasaki.com

How to get to Kawasaki?

Kawasaki city has very convenient access to all major areas. From the Kawasaki station, trains can take you to the Narita Airport in 90 minutes, 14 minutes to the Haneda Airport and just 18 minutes away from the Tokyo station.

Kawasaki city is located in the heart of the Greater Tokyo Area, where it grants you very convenient access to southern Tokyo or northern Yokohama.

Source: http://www.travelkawasaki.com

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Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture Japan

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Tips for you

  • You really don't need a car to travel in Kawasaki, especially since trains make it easy to get in and get around
  • Kawasaki city is located in the heart of the Greater Tokyo Area, where it grants you very convenient access to southern Tokyo or northern Yokohama.
  • You should pay a visit in Kawasaki city even if you are only planning to travel within Tokyo.
  • Although Kawasaki is near by Tokyo, hotels and restaurants around the city are much more reasonable priced.
  • With the expansion of Haneda Airport in the near future, this will benefit Kawasaki city tremendously and make here one of the hottest spots to visit.
  • There are many interesting things to do here, make sure you have much time to explore this land
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