Kasai Rinkai Park

Attraction Kasai Rinkai Park 6 Rinkaicho Edogawa, Tokyo 134-0086 Japan Published on: 26-02-2016

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Kasai Rinkai Park is one of the biggest parks in Tokyo with a ferries wheel. It’s really fun and interesting to observe the street performance as well as to join in some activities in this park.

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Why Kasai Rinkai Park is special ?

Opened in 1989, Kasai Rinkai Park (葛西臨海公園, Kasai Rinkai Kōen) is the largest park in centralTokyo, located just across the Edogawa River from Tokyo Disney Resort. It was built on reclaimed land and developed in an effort to restore and preserve natural Tokyo Bay habitat.

The park offers a nice break from the surrounding cityscapes and has a number of walking trails that crisscross the gardens, lawns and beaches. In addition, the park features an aquarium, a ferris wheel, a seabird sanctuary and an observation building.

What to explore at Kasai Rinkai Park?

Near the center of the park is the Tokyo Sealife Aquarium. The aquarium's main tank has a viewing area in its center that immerses you in the middle of a school of yellowfin tuna and bonito. The aquarium also has good penguin and seabird exhibits.

The park's most visible landmark is the Diamond and Flowers Ferris Wheel, named after its light shows that resemble sparkling diamonds or flowers. At 117 meter tall it is the second tallest ferris wheel in Japan and offers views of Tokyo Bay, Tokyo Disney Resorts and as far away as Mt. Fuji.

In line with the park's goal as a bay habitat preserve, nearly a third of the park is designated as a Sea Bird Sanctuary. Bird lovers and photographers are free to roam the area, except the marsh areas which are restricted. The Sea Bird Center has information on the local birds.

How to get to Kasai Rinkai Park?

By train

The park is just next to Kasai Rinkai Koen Station on the JR Keiyo Line, 10-15 minutes and 210 yen from Tokyo Station. Note that the platforms of the Keiyo Line at Tokyo Station are located a 10 minute walk from the station's other platforms.

By boat

There are infrequent water buses that connect Kasai Rinkai Koen with Odaiba and Ryogoku.

Selling points

  • Great spot for a picnic
  • A nice break from Disney!
  • A Great Parkin the world's greatest city
  • Nice and quiet park at the water
  • A typical Beautiful Japanese Garden
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Kasai Rinkai Park 6 Rinkaicho Edogawa, Tokyo 134-0086 Japan

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Tips for you

  • Be sure to bring cash! None of the restaurant(s)/kiosks accepted credit cards. The ATM's don't accept foreign cards.
    What to bring
  • Don't forget to show your Sea Life Park Ticket, and get a 10% discount on the fare. The dolphin boat cost 300 yen. Kids pay full price: 700 yen.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • Don't muiss the ferry wheel. It gives a spectacular view over Tokyo.
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We went to Kasai park on a lovely Saturday morning - we cycled from Minami Sunamachi along dedicated cycle paths so smooth they might have been paved with linoleum. First up was a ride on the Ferris wheel. No queue and only 700 yen each ($7) for a 17 minute ride. I have been on other giant wheels - the London Eye for example - and this was scarier and felt higher (Though it's not). The cars are small (four people I think?) and sway as they adjust to the wheels rotation. The view over Tokyo bay and Chiba is spectacular - if you are there on a clear day Mt. Fuji will be beautiful. After our ride we had lunch on some handy benches and then cycled round to the bird sanctuary. There is a two storey circular building that is open to the air to do your bird watching from. Handy bird posters and some free monoculars are scattered around the building's rim. There's some fair sized ponds, large area of reeds and a good number of birds even though we were there during a quiet period (bird wise). There are toilets - disabled and standard - and eating areas. I think it's definitely worth spending the morning here. If you can come by bike there's loads of safe paths. I've reviewed the aquarium separately.

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