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Attraction Kan Yeik Tha Rd Yangon Myanmar (Burma) Published on: 13-11-2015

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Kandawgyi Nature Park is a popular recreation centre of the capital of Yangon. The area of the Garden is 110 acres and water areas is 150 acres.

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Why Kandawgyi Park is special ?

Also known as Royal Lake, this artificial lake, built by the British as a reservoir, is most attractive at sunset, when the glittering Shwedagon is reflected in its calm waters. The boardwalk, which runs mainly along the southern and western sides of the lake, is also an ideal place for an early-morning jog or stroll.

Just east of the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel, on the southern side of the lake, floats a Shin Upagot shrine. Upagot is a Bodhisattva (Buddhist saint) who is said to protect human beings in moments of mortal danger.

The eastern side of the lake is dominated by a small park, a kids' playground, a paintball attraction (K8000 for 50 balls, open 9am to 9pm) and the fanciful or monstrous (depending on your taste) Karaweik Palace , a reinforced concrete reproduction of a royal barge. There are plenty of lakeside cafes here, good spots for a drink at sunset.

On the north side of the lake Utopia Tower is another quirky feature. This giant pile of artificial rocks houses restaurants, bars, karaoke and snooker and, on the 5th floor, a viewing deck. On the ground floor the Summit Art showcases the impasto canvases of owner-painter Myint Soe and other local artists.

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What to explore at Kandawgyi Park?

Kandawgyi Park, actually known as Kandawgyi Nature Park is a popular center for recreation in the capital of Yangon. This beautiful garden is also known as Kandawgyi Garden and experiences heavy footfall throughout the year. The garden is spread across an area of 260 acres which is divided between the Kandawgyi Lake covering an area of 150 acres and the garden covering 110 acres. This lush green garden and the picturesque location allure foreigners and local visitors alike. The Kandawgyi Park is located on the crossroads of Natmuk Road and Kandawgyi Kanpat Road.

The golden tomb of the Shwedagon pagoda can be seen from the park and it is one of the most beautiful sights in Myanmar. There is a royal barge amidst the lake resembling a mythical bird as a manifestation of Myanmar architecture. This barge has enhanced the beauty of the lake and the garden manifold. The Kandawgyi Park is being upgraded to make it even more attractive. The upgrade is being done under the supervision of U Win Aung, Managing Director of Woodland Co. Ltd. The lake opens daily at 4am for the public and closes at 10pm. You can spend the entire day at this beautiful place relishing nature’s bounty.

The Kandawgyi Park is carefully maintained by the committee because it is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Myanmar. A wide variety and colorful and fragrant flowers can be found in the garden along with huge trees providing shade to the visitors. While strolling around the garden do not forget to check out the orchid garden. It is a garden of its own kind with a large variety of colorful and beautiful orchids. There is a mini zoo and a playground for children and also a couple of restaurants where you can grab quick bites. Admission fee is Kyats 300 per person.

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How to get to Kandawgyi Park?

Located in Natmauk Road and Kandawgyi Kanpat Road. A taxi from the downtown are to the pagoda should cost some US$ 3 - 4.

Selling points

  • Peace and quiet place
  • Nice place to relax
  • Park with big ship in the middle of lake
  • Gorgeous Park with Royal Barge
  • Nice spot for sunset dinner

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Kan Yeik Tha Rd Yangon Myanmar (Burma)

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Tips for you

  • While strolling around the garden you should not forget to check out the orchid garden. It is a garden of its own kind with a large variety of colorful and beautiful orchids.
    Things to do
  • This is an ideal place for an early-morning joging or strolling.
    Things to do
  • There is a mini zoo and a playground for children and also a couple of restaurants where you can grab quick bites.
    Things to do
  • There have some restaurants and cafes inside the park and many of them serve great food and drinks for you.
  • There is a fee going inside if you want to take photos.
  • You should be careful on the broadwalk as some of it is damaged and there are a few holes in it
  • You should get there in the early morning or before sunset to get nice views.
  • The park is very busy over weekends as families use it for picnics.
    What to know


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The Central Park of Myanmar! Although not nearly as big as Central Park and Kandawgyi Park is more of a lake than anything else, I loved it as much as Central Park. There is a wooden bridge built around the lake, so you meander around the lake and take in the amazing views. The lake is incredibly peaceful and equally romantic. While I was walking around I saw many young Burmese couples sitting on the grass and benches around the lake. Monks also frequent the park (which I captured in the picture above). There are a few nice restaurants just outside the park, that you can eat at after your stroll.

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Come early morning or before sunset, long pier walkways around lake, nice views, admission charged (2k kyat) on entry. Go to the zoo across the street while you're here.

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