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Kaminarimon is the first of two large entrance gates leading to Sensoji Temple. First built more than 1000 years ago, it is the symbol of Asakusa.

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Why Kaminari-Mon is special ?

Kaminarimon Gate marks the entrance to Senso-ji Temple, a temple located in Tokyo's Taito City. The gate's official name is Furaijinmon ("Wind and Thunder God Gate"), and the Japanese wind and thunder gods are enshrined in the left and right sides of the gate. A huge lantern measuring 3.3 m in diameter and 3.9 m in height, with a weight of 700 kg, hangs in the center of the gate. Built by Taira-no-Kinmasa in the year 942, the gate was moved to its current location during the Kamakura period (1192-1333). The wind and thunder gods, enshrined when the gate was relocated, were first enshrined to protect from calamities, but they eventually came to be regarded as bringers of peace and plentiful harvests. Kaminarimon Gate has been destroyed three times by fires, and in 1960 it was rebuilt for the first time in 95 years. It is now considered a representative structure of the Asakusa area.

Source: http://cp.c-ij.com/

What to explore at Kaminari-Mon?

People initially offered prayers to these two statues for the protection of the temple against natural disasters including typhoons, floods and fire. Over time, they became the subject of prayers for the benefit of the people, such as for a bountiful harvest and for peace in the world.

Source: http://www.senso-ji.jp/

Selling points

  • An extreme giant gate
  • Unique decoration
  • Crowded place to take pictures
  • The entrance of a famous temple- Sensoji
  • Popular among tourists
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2 Chome-3-1 Asakusa Taito, Tokyo 111-0032 Jaoan

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Kaminarimon is extremely a good place to take a picture since its unique decoration and architecture . It is well-known as it is the entrace leading to a famous temple. The front of the lantern displays the gate's name, Kaminarimon. Painted on the back is the gate’s official name, Fūraijinmon. A wooden carving depicting a dragon adorns the bottom of the lantern. In the center of the Kaminarimon, under the gate, hangs a giant red chōchin that is 4 meters tall, 3.4 meters in circumference and weighs 670 kilograms. During festivals such as Sanja Matsuri, the lantern is collapsed to let tall objects pass through the gate.

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