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Attraction Kalasan Village, Prambanan, Yogya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Published on: 21-03-2016

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Kalasan also known as Candi Kalibening, is an 8th-century Buddhist temple in Indonesia. It is located 13 km east of Yogyakarta on the way to Prambanan temple.

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Why Kalasan Temple is special ?

Candi Kalasan (Candi Kalibening) is an 8th century Buddhist temple located 13 km east of Yogyakarta on the way to Prambanan temple. According to an inscription dated 778 AD, Kalasan temple is the oldest among temples built in the vicinity of Prambanan. The inscription says that Maharaja Tejapurnapana Panangkaran was persuaded by a guru to erect a temple devoted to goddess Tara with a buddhist monastery. This monastery might be the nearby located Candi Sari. Despite being renovated and partially rebuilt during the Dutch colonial era, the temple currently is in poor condition. Compared to other temples nearby such as Prambanan, Sewu, and Sambisari the temple is not well maintained.

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What to explore at Kalasan Temple?

The temple stands on a 45x45 meters rectangular base. Each of the four main cardinal points has stairs and gates adorned with Kala-Makara and also rooms measuring 3.5 square meters. No statue is found in the smaller room facing north, west, and south; but the lotus pedestals suggest that the rooms once must have contained statues of bodhisattvas. The temple is richly decorated with Buddhist figures such as the Bodhisattva and Gana. The Kala Figure above the southern door has been photographed and used by a many foreign academics in their books to give an idea of the skillful art in stone carving of Central Javanese artists some millennia ago. Niches where the statues would have been placed are found inside and outside the temple. The niches that adorn the outer wall are intricately carved with Kala figures, gods and divinities in a scene of the svargaloka, the celestial palace abode of the gods, apsaras, and gandharvas.

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How to get to Kalasan Temple?

Kalasan temple is located roughly about 13 Km east from Yogyakarta, about 100 meters south off the main road of Yogyakarta-Solo in direction to Prambanan Temple Complex. If you want to take public transportation, you can catch the Trans Jogja Buses in many shelters in Yogyakarta with the direction to Prambanan for an IDR 3,000.

Source: http://www.indonesia.travel/

Selling points

  • Impressive and surprising
  • A small hidden temple around Yogya
  • Stunning sculpture
  • Temple as a symbol of Love and religious harmony
  • The shape is very mystical
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Kalasan Village, Prambanan, Yogya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • You can hire a motorbike from town (around 16km ride) to the temple, but you should beware that Solo road is always a lot of traffic.
  • You should bring hat or umbrella because the weather is hard to predict.
    What to bring
  • Student can sometime disturb you by a lot of questions about you and your country because it's the best way for them to practice English.
  • You shouldn't visit the temple after the rain, the pathways and pavements will be partially waterlogged.
  • It's easy to see some of the bricks falling at the west entrance, it's better to take care of your children and don't let them run around.
  • Kalasan temple is located in the archaeologically rich Prambanan valley. Just a few hundred meters north east of Kalasan one will find the Sari Temple (or Candi Sari) which was most probably the monastery mentioned in the Kalasan inscription.
    Things nearby
  • There are a noodles shop, before the junction to this temple, with delicious Indonesia local chicken soup mushroom noodles"bak mie", and it is cheap.
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The Kalasan temple or the Tara temple is a small temple located near the main road, the entry costs only Rp2,000.The southern entrance is the only one that seems to be intact. The surroundings seemed to be some residential areas, and you can see kids I presumed living in that area, playing, cycling around the area.The good thing about the area is it's not populated with tourists so it would be good to include in your trip.I could see some of the bricks falling at the west entrance, but I hope that restoration is in the works for this.I spent about 20 minutes around this temple looking at what's left.

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This lovely old temple is surrounded by an old village; you get a real sense of how these old Buddhist temples survived despite the dominant religions changing to Hindu and then Muslim.

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Have a look anyway, entrance fees are extremely low and (it is very close to Candi Sari, well worth the visit),

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impressive old temple, next to the airport and directly between Yogja and Prambanan. Easy to stop on your way for 20 min, make one round and have some nice pictures of another temple collected. dont remember the cost, I think it was some symbolic 2000 or 5000 IDR

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