Jingshan Park (Yingshan Gongyuan)

Attraction No.44 Jingshanxi Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100009, China Published on: 08-08-2016

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Jingshan Park (Yingshan Gongyuan) is a green space in the heart of Beijing and home to one of the city’s few hills.

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Why Jingshan Park (Yingshan Gongyuan) is special ?

Situated in the city center, Jingshan Park (Yingshan Gongyuan is a beautiful royal landscape garden. Covering an area of 230,000 square meters (about 57 acres), the park stands on the central point of the south-north axis of the city and faces the north gate of the Forbidden City. It is found on Jingshan Hill, which was originally named Wansui Hill (Long Live Hill), Zhen Hill or Meishan Hill (Coal Hill). The mid summit of the hill is the highest point in Beijing. Looking from the peak, the visitor is able to get a full and clear view of the Forbidden City.

Source: http://www.travelchinaguide.com/

What to explore at Jingshan Park (Yingshan Gongyuan)?

In the early morning hours, the park fills up with elderly locals who gather in groups to since or practice tai chi. Come early and climb to the top of the park’s central peak -- once Beijing’s highest point -- for views of the Forbidden City to the south, Drum and Bell Towers to the north and Beihai Park to the west.

Each spring, the park’s flowers put on a colorful display, particularly in May when the 200 varieties of peonies begin to bloom. With around 20,000 peony plants, Jingshan Park is home to the largest peony garden in Beijing.

Source: http://www.viator.com

How to get to Jingshan Park (Yingshan Gongyuan)?

Subway Route:

Take Subway Line 5 to Dongsi Station. Get out from Exit C and then find bus 101 to Gu Gong (Forbidden City) Station. It is opposite to the north gate of the Forbbiden City.

Bus Route:

Take bus 5 or 609 and get off at Jingshan Houjie Station or Xibanqiao Station

Take bus 111, 124 or 210 and get off at Jingshan Dongmen

Take bus 101, 103, 109, 614 and get off at Gu Gong Station.

Source: http://www.travelchinaguide.com/

Selling points

  • Absolutely beautiful and peaceful
  • Overlooking the Gugong
  • Great views of Beijing on a clear day.
  • A serene corner of Beijing
  • New perspective of Forbidden City
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No.44 Jingshanxi Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100009, China

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Tips for you

  • Besides being a nice place to stroll and see local culture, climb the hill to see the forbidden city
    Things to do
  • It could be a bit difficult for those who are physically challenged
  • The Jishan park is located in the rear of the forbidden city.
  • Be aware that the Buddha in Wanchun Pavilion is still a place of worship, so be polite when taking photos, and give way to visitors who choose to worship.
  • A bit of a walk is necesssary unless you find Public Bus 101 that drops off at the entrance gate opposite to the north gate of the Forbbiden City
  • It's right across the street as you exit the forbidden city from the north gate.
  • Avoid the tourist traps offering you hutong rides and whatnot.
  • There is also a cafe nearby called the Oasis Cafe that has good free wifi for customers
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This "pile of dirt" was created by the moat dug around the Forbidden City. Climb this first and gaze at the FC before you walk through it. If you want a tour of the FC, check the website beijing by heart . com for English or French. This outfit gave me an in depth and very creative explanation. I love beijing b/c of them....

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Jingshan Park is well worth a visit and the climb up to the top to look out over Beijing city and the Forbidden Palace - i'd recommend visiting just before sunset so you can watch the sun set and see the city light up at night.

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The climb to the top of Jingshan Park is quite manageable, if you just take it slowly. And, you are rewarded with great views once you get there. There are good views of the Forbidden City, as well as other parts of the Beijing.


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