Jiji Green Tunnel

Attraction 152 Line, Caolin Ln. , Jiji Township, Nantou, Taiwan Published on: 02-11-2016

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Jiji Green Tunnel has old camphor trees of age over 50 array regularly with leaves and branches intertwining towards the center on both sides of 152 County Road.

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How to get to Jiji Green Tunnel?

By Train:

Take train to Ershui Railway Station, and switch Jiji Line to Jiji Railway Station.

By Bus:

From Gancheng Station in Taichung, take Zongda Bus to Jiji.

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152 Line, Caolin Ln. , Jiji Township, Nantou, Taiwan

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The Green Tunnel in Jiji , Nantou is the name given due to the long stretch of road which is covered on both sides by tall green trees. These Green trees provides great shade and covers the road like a Green Tunnel. This green tunnel is considered as the portal of Ji Ji town. The origin of the Green tunnel is the Japanese Colonial era. The Japanese Government to commemorate the era encourage all hosehold to plant camphor trees on both sides of the road and water the plants everyday. There are names tagged to the trees and so not taking care of the trees was easily traced and punished. These trees are now over 70 years old. This tunnel is a very beautiful spectacular vision of 4.5 kms long. Hire a taxi and the ride can be great. One can get down at multiple stops and take some very beautiful pictures of the Green canopy. At the end of the Green Tunnel is an actual tunnel carved from Mountain Rocks which leads to the Ji Ji Train Station. Old Stem engines still run this line and the whole scenic area is just mind blowing. The Ji Ji station is where many take the small train to Shuili a journey of 7.3 kms to see the Sun Moon Lake or go the other way to Longquan which is 4.4kms. Don't miss seeing this beauty as its amazing.

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