Jembatan Merah

Attraction Jalan Dukuh Kupang Barat 1 Jawa Timur Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Jembatan Merah is a very historic bridge in Surabaya. The Bridge itself becomes the witness of how the Surabaya's soldiers with... more.

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Why Jembatan Merah is special ?

Red Bridge is founded on an agreement Pakubowono II of Mataram with VOC since Nov. 11 1743. In the agreement stated that some areas of the north coast, including Surabaya, submitted to the Company, including Surabaya, which was under Dutch colonialism.

Since then, the Red Bridge area into a commercial area and be the only one that connects Surabaya Kalimas and Residency Building. In other words, Red Bridge is a very important facilitator in that era.

Red Bridge berubaha physically around the 1890s, when the guardrail was changed from wood to iron. Currently, the condition of the bridge connecting the Eagles and Fireworks Jepun on the north side of Surabaya is almost the same as the other bridges, with a certain red color.


What to explore at Jembatan Merah?

In the vicinity of the bridge, there are several other Dutch heritage buildings that still functioned and is located south of Red Bridge. In addition, there is also the famous shopping center in Surabaya ie, Red Bridge Plaza.
Red Bridge was once a living witness of the Indonesian army, especially Surabaya heroes who fought against the Dutch colonialism. Therefore, no matter the conditions that may occur today, Red Bridge is an important legacy for the history of Indonesia. Red Bridge is the hero who is still alive and will continue to live against time.

Selling points

  • :Historical Bridge”
  • "Beautiful at sunset"
  • “A place to chill at night”
  • "Red historical bridge"
  • "Great place for photos"
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Jalan Dukuh Kupang Barat 1 Jawa Timur Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • Don't expect too much, it's an ordinary brigde
    What to bring
  • There are lots of 'Becak' or rickshaw so you can try old indonesian transportation mode.
  • Within distance of the bridge you could see Chinatown, Arabtown, and Dutch colonial offices
    Things nearby
  • The mall is within walking distance, and the food offered there was ok and reasonably priced.
    Things nearby
  • You can combine the visiting Jembatan Merah Plaza and Pabean Market.
    Things nearby


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Come to surabaya,city of heroes will not complete if u did not come to this bridge. A lot of story behind this place,there is a park in the nearest, u should come n enjoy...

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This just ordinary monumental bridge to remember that a long time ago there's a Big war between Arek Suroboyo with Hollandish and they called it Jembatan Merah because at the time the river becoming red of blood even now the bridge not so red and nothing more to see, maybe near this you can visiting Jembatan Merah Plaza and Pabean Market.

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As one of the historical bridge in Surabaya, the local government should to more maintenance with this bridge.

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