Jeju Glass Castle

Attraction 3135-1 Jeoji-ri, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju, Jeju-do, South Korea Published on: 13-11-2015

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Visitors to ‘Jeju Glass Castle’ will be entranced by its magical atmosphere. ‘Jeju Glass Castle’ is a glass art theme park featuring an exhibition hall

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Why Jeju Glass Castle is special ?

Visitors to ‘Jeju Glass Castle’ will be entranced by its magical atmosphere. ‘Jeju Glass Castle’ is a glass art theme park featuring an exhibition hall, garden and models all made entirely out of glass. There are six themed model parks, in which over two hundred and fifty models are exhibited. These include the world’s very first all-glass labyrinth, the world’s largest glass ball and largest glass diamond, a glass stonewall, a mirror lake, and a glass bridge. There are also glass art masterpieces by internationally famous artists from Italy, the Czech Republic, Japan, and more. Visitors to ‘Jeju Glass Castle’ can even experience making glass artwork. In the main hall of the Glass Castle they can try making glass ornaments, glass balloons, and glass bottles.


What to explore at Jeju Glass Castle?

Jeju Glass Castle is divided into two sections: indoor modern glass model center and outdoor theme park. Inside the modern glass model center are a large beanstalk from the "Jack & The Beanstalk" fairy tale, a large glass harubang created with Pyrex glass, a Mirror Room that is like a fantasy universe using mirrors and presenting constellations using 5,000 pieces of Pyrex glass, a Magic Mirror Room where visitors can see separated images themselves through mirrors in a triangle-shaped mirrored room, and glass books and bean sprouts made of glasses.

In the outdoor theme park are glass fish made from recycled soju (Korean liquor) bottles, thousands of many-sized convex mirrors, a mirror lake consisting of white rocks, a glass pyramid with spectacular colorful night lighting, a large glass coffee set floating on the lake, many colored flower beds made of glasses, a mirror maze, a glass fall, and a glass bridge, all made into an outdoor theme park. Each one of them is beautiful and provides a wonderful photo spot for visitors.

Everything here is made of glass. Even down to the door knobs.

If you go inside to do your business it is still possible to see everyone outside. However, people can't see you inside


How to get to Jeju Glass Castle?

The Glass Castle is located on the western side of the island. It is highly recommended that you have your own transport. A taxi from the bus terminal will cost at least 23,000 won (one way). Alternatively, take the coastal road bus (2,000~3000 won) heading to Hallim. From Hallim it is best to take a taxi to complete the trip. A local bus service is available but it is erratic and runs an irregualr intervals. On an English language tourist map the Glass Castle is on the blue road midway between the Male Stone Turtle Museum and Sulloccha Museum.

Jeju International Airport -> Inter-city Bus Terminal -> take the bus to Seohoeseon (Western line) Loop road: takes about 50 minutes


Selling points

  • The Best Photos can be taken here
  • Not To Be Missed...For All Ages
  • Good sources for kids and some adults
  • A myraid of colourful glass decorations
  • Nice, Creative Glass Theme Park
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3135-1 Jeoji-ri, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju, Jeju-do, South Korea

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Tips for you

  • This is an ideal place for you ta take many spectacular photos
  • Age 19~64: Groups of 30 or more: 8,000 won ($7.2) Age 13~18: Groups of 30 or more 7,000 won ($6.3) Age 12~5 : Groups of 30 or more 6,000 won ($5.4) Over 65, the handicapped: 8,000 won ($7.2) (The handicapped Age 13~18: 7,000, Age 12~5 : 6,000 won
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  • The views from the observation deck are good and the back ground color of glass against the oreum gives the whole experience a mysterious feeling.


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Very beautiful glass pieces

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“Glass Glass Everywhere” When we arrived at Jeju, we took a taxi to Jejueco and left our luggage with time since check-in time was in the afternoon. From Jejueco we took a cab down to Glass Castle and managed to reach there before 5pm. As its name suggests, the Glass Castle is a glass art theme park that consists of an exhibition hall and garden with everything made out entirely out of glass! All in all, there are 6 themed model parks with over 250 models exhibited: they include the world’s largest glass ball and largest glass diamond, a glass stonewall, a mirror lake, and a glass bridge etc... The exhibition was definitely a breathtaking sight to behold: glass displays made of all kinds of shapes and sizes! We couldn't help but be amazed and ended up taking - pictures of all the art pieces. For more on the experience and photos, please check out my blog:

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