Jeju City Five-Day Market

Shopping Dodu 1-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (Iljuseo-ro, Seogwipo-si) Published on: 13-11-2015

09:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Food & Spirits
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Jeju City Five-Day Market has around 1,000 stalls, everything from pet hedgehogs to shark fins. The five-day market is a staple for locals and a must-see cultural experience for visitors.

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Why Jeju City Five-Day Market is special ?

The largest open-air market in Jeju has around 1,000 stalls, with everything from pet hedgehogs to shark fins. The five-day market is a staple for locals and a must-see cultural experience for visitors. The market is only open one out of every 5 days, on the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, and 27th of every month.

The Jeju City 5 Day Traditional Market is the biggest market in the whole of the Island. It is located near the airport and close to New Jeju City. Various goods can be found here. there are over 1025 stalls for you to choose from.

The market is the oldest on Jeju and has been established for over 100 years.

It also hosts 10,000 daily visitors to its many stores and if the dates fall on a weekend, these numbers can reach over 20,000.

What to explore at Jeju City Five-Day Market?

The Jeju Folk Five Day Market (commonly just called ‘The Five Day Market’) is the oldest traditional market. The Seogwipo Five Day Market, the Jungmun Hyangto Five Day Market, and the Hallim Folk Five Day Market are all located relatively near popular tourist sites, allowing visitors a very comprehensive cultural experience. The market offers fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood, and medicinal herbs that are as colorful as they can be puzzling. Even though the Five Day Market rotates locations around the island, each town has its own distinctive atmosphere and items as well.

There are also several traditional marketplaces held at fixed locations. Fresh agricultural items and seafood can also be found in the Seogwipo Maeil Market and the Dongmun Seafood Market, which are open every day. These areas, though always full of people and products (some of which may be completely new to western visitors) are particularly bustling on the weekends.


How to get to Jeju City Five-Day Market?

Jeju City Five-Day Market is located conveniently near the Jeju International Airport and Jeju Intercity Bus terminal, the market is accessible to both people from the island as well as those from outside.

A 10-minute bus ride from the Jeju International Airport, and a 20-minute bus ride from the Jeju sea port.

Selling points

  • Traditional market in Jeju Island - Grandma Market, one of the oldest and biggest traditional market in Jeju Island
  • Fascinating market full of local food
  • Excellent market to see what the locals eat
  • Every food ingredients there
  • >> Most recommended amongst the markets in Jeju <<
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Dodu 1-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (Iljuseo-ro, Seogwipo-si)

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Tips for you

  • You can find lots of restaurants that offer various Korean food like Sundae (a sausage made of beef and bean curd stuffed in pig intestine), Teokbokii (a seasoned bar rice cake), boiled rice served in soup and so on.
  • There is a free parking lot for 1,400 cars is available as well.


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“Traditional market in Jeju Island - Grandma Market, one of the oldest and biggest traditional market in Jeju Island” Our stay in Jeju coincide with the operational day of one of the biggest and oldest traditional market in Jeju - Grandma Market which runs on days that end with 7th of the calendar month. There are lots of other smaller scale traditional markets which are opened on different days (e.g days ending on 5th, 2nd, etc...) thru out the island but we were told that this is the biggest. There is also an area which are designated for elderly ladies aged 65 and above whereby they are not charged any fees for selling there, hence, the name of Grandma Market. Lots of things can be found in the market, from plants, to snacks to clothings to housewares. We bought some fresh ginseng, chilly flakes and also fresh gingko from the market (after tasting some that were steamed and sold as snacks), The gingko there is different from those that we get in MY (most imported from China). Their is more creamy in texture and rounded as compared to ours. Overall, quite an interesting walk for an hour or two if you're looking to buy some of foodstuff.

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